Unless you consciously work on keeping your hair healthy, chances are you have split ends, and you probably feel like you can’t control them. If you are one of the people that already has split ends, it would be a good idea to ignore all of the “split end remedies” that you often see online and simply cut them off for a fresh start. After you’ve gotten a fresh start, now your only job is to prevent getting them any time soon, which is very possible. Read on to learn how to keep your hair healthy and happy! Protein Treatment for Hair

Minimize The Amount of Heat

As obvious as it may sound, go gentle on the amount of heating hair appliances that you use on your hair each day. Try going natural! There are plenty of hair styles out there that don’t require straightening or curling your hair. Rock your natural hair, you were born with it! Many women don’t realize how beautiful their natural hair is until they try letting it flow. If you’re tired of those split ends, ease up on the amount of heat you use on your hair, it is sure to help.

Be Mindful About Brushing

Brushing your hair, although sometimes necessary, does nothing to help your hair other than weakening it and encouraging split ends. If you must brush your hair, make sure you start from the bottom, brushing out the knots and then working your way up the hair until you have removed all of this pesky tangles. Another tip for brushing your hair is to never brush your hair while it is wet after your shower. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair and is more likely to break. All in all, brushing your hair is not as helpful as it may seem, so be mindful!

Go a Day or Two Without Washing

It may sound a bit unappealing, but letting your natural oils stay in your hair for day is actually very healthy. Avoid washing your hair daily because this will leave your hair feeling weak and brittle as it strips your hair of its natural oils.

Be Gentle

Try not to dye your hair so often, it is easily one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to prevent your hair from getting split ends. Along with letting your natural hair texture go, embrace your natural color, too! Bleaching your hair is one of the worst things you could possibly do for it. Your natural hair is beautiful, anyways!

Take Care of Your Hair!

It can be difficult to embrace our natural hair just to save it from split ends, but if you want your hair to grow longer faster, and healthier, you’re going to have to go the extra mile in taking care of your hair. Be friends with your hair and take care of it! You will thank yourself later when your hair is long, shiny, healthy, and free of dead ends.