The Fit for Life diet relies on eating the right combination of foods, avoiding controlling portion size or counting calories. Many nutritionists and dietitians have been discussing the effects of this type of diet for a while now. The Fit for Life diet was developed by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond. This diet drew everyone’s attention in the mid-1980s when the book “Fit for Life” was published.

Eating healthy, without combining proteins with carbohydrates can help you lose weight

Diamond explains his theories concerning food consumption in the correct combinations while avoiding the wrong combinations of food. In the 2000s, the Fit for Life diet system added the Personalized FFL Weight Management Program.  This new program implements the use of Genetic Predispositions, Metabolic Typing and Biochemical Analyzation to personalize the diet.

The whole diet relies on the principle that to lose weight you need to avoid combining certain foods together. This philosophy focuses on Diamond’s interest in natural hygiene. In his book, Diamond points out that people who eat the wrong combinations of foods would risk deteriorating their stomach.

The Fit for Life diet relies on combining the right foods

He says that foods can be of two types: ‘dead foods,’ which clog the body and ‘living foods,’ which cleanse the body. The newest version of the diet relies on ‘enzyme deficient foods.’ Based on Diamond’s view, dead foods represent starches and meats, while living foods are vegetables and raw fruits. The Fit for Life diet plan requires that these foods should not be combined.

Fit for Life diet

The Fit for Life diet relies on raw fruit and vegetables consumption.

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In the morning, people following the diet should consume only raw fruits and fruit juice until noon. Fruits help cleanse the body. When eating lunch or dinner, they can combine either carbohydrates and vegetables or vegetables and proteins. Proteins and carbohydrates should never be eaten together. Moreover, individuals should avoid consuming dairy products. During meals, they should restrain from drinking water. One day per week, usually the same day, is a cheat day when people can eat whatever they please.

People should avoid consuming diary products when following this diet

The main purpose of the diet is to help individuals lose weight, maintaining their body healthy. Diamond considers that eating protein-rich foods combined with carbohydrate-rich foods determines weight gain. The enzymes which digest proteins will interfere with those responsible for digesting carbohydrates. This is the main reason why these should never be combined. His dietary program barely mentions the role of unsaturated, saturated and transfat.

This diet also excludes the need to exercise, dietary fiber and the role of water. However, the Fit for Life diet system is a lifestyle program meant to teach people to be healthier. Besides the personalized diet system, dieters can also have a ‘Clinical Manual’ which will show them how their body works and what foods are healthy for them.

It is advisable to avoid drinking water while eating

The benefits brought by this diet consist in losing weight while keeping it off. After weight loss, people will experience a general improvement in health. The official site Fit for life indicates that the rate of success is 86%, mentioning several clinical trials without providing details.

To sum up, this diet program encourages people to consume a lot of vegetables and raw fruits. Moreover, this diet does not require dieters to buy special foods.