A diamond-shaped face is rather wide and full. Because of this, it’s very important to choose the best eyebrow shape for diamond face. A wrong type of eyebrows can make the face appear even wider and this is a problem often encountered. Meanwhile, the right type can make you think the face is less wide. If you do some research, you will see that many Hollywood stars have such a face. So how do they manage to get the right eyebrows?

Best Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face – Suggestions

1. Short and Full

If you love the fuller brow shapes, which are currently trending, it’s better to keep them short. This eyebrow shape creates the perfect balance on your face. It doesn’t make it wide, nor short. Many women don’t consider this shape because they think short eyebrows will make their face wider, but this is not true. However, you need to compensate for a short length with greater thickness.

2. Long and Medium

Another option for the best eyebrow shape for diamond face is a longer one. What’s important here is to pay attention to the proportions. If you decide to have longer eyebrows, go for a medium thickness. There is the risk of them looking bushy if you don’t take care of this aspect. Eyebrows that are too long will make a diamond face look plump.

3. Round

Generally, rounded brows are perfect for faces shaped like a heart, but they work well for diamond faces as well. This shape helps create a balance between the wide cheeks and the forehead. The thing here is that you should make the arcs headed towards the middle. The soft appearance of the arcs balances off the angles of your face.

4. Full Brows

If you want to distract people’s attention from the width of your face, perhaps the best eyebrow shape for diamond face is to have full and dark brows. You need to grow them thicker and to arch them perfectly as well. This will offer you a harmony between the jawline and the place where your face is the widest. Moreover, it will appear less wide.

5. Sharply Arched

It might seem counterintuitive, but a sharply arched eyebrow shape can divert the attention from the other sharp angles of the face. If you can’t grow your eyebrows into this shape, it’s better to do it with contouring. This helps reduce the width of your face, so it’s probably the best eyebrow shape for a diamond face.

What to Avoid

Remember that your goal is to soften the angles of the face and to make it seem less wide. Under these circumstances, the biggest mistake would be to make your eyebrows flat. Make sure you avoid this style since it can only make things worse for you.


Even if you have a diamond face, it’s not hard to find the right eyebrow shape. Go for a curved one, whether you choose it to be completely round or only arched. Balance the length and thickness of the brows, otherwise, you might get a very unflattering result.

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