You cannot look glamorous and gorgeous enough without a perfect pair of eyebrows to compliment your facial features and highlight your eyes. Picture-perfect eyebrows are the secret weapon of every woman who wants to look younger, more seductive, natural, and more beautiful. Since all experts agree that eyebrows can make or break your look, the next question is how to match your eyebrows to your face shape. Moreover, since oval faces are the best faces for eyebrows art, today we will discuss in detail the best eyebrow shape for oval face tips and tricks.

A Few Words on the Oval Face

This particular face shape is considered ideal. In this case, the brows do not have to make the face look more oval since it already is, but blend in and turn the whole ensemble into a work of art. You know you have an oval shape if your forehead is wider than the chin, you have rather prominent cheekbones and if your face lines gracefully taper to a narrow chin.

The Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

When it comes to creating the best eyebrows for this type of face, experts suggest that the soft angled eyebrow shapes are your go-to choice. This particular shape is defined, but kept rounded, with less sharp angles (although the angles are visible) and soft curves. Here are the main features of the soft angled eyebrow shapes for oval faces and some tips that you should take into consideration:

  • The brows’ peaks are soft and subtle;
  • The brows’ shape comes in low, medium and high arches;
  • You can make them ultra-thin, thin, medium or thick, depending on the occasion;
  • For a casual daytime look you can go for thin and lower arches, while for a dramatic evening look you can go for thick, high soft angled brow shapes;
  • Soft angled shapes are more feminine; this is why this is the most preferred way to go with your brows;
  • Higher arches make you look a bit younger, but do not overdo the height if you do not want your face to look too oval and elongated;
  • If you have small eyes, you should go for low arches;
  • If you have big eyes, go for high arches; do not overdo it, however;
  • If you have well-defined cheekbones, go with thick brows to complement the face structure.

How to Achieve the Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face?

If you want to achieve the soft angled shape, the first thing you need to know is that the shape goes straight and then softly curves round at the top and then down of the eyebrows. Here are some tips on how to achieve this gorgeous look!

  • You can use either a brow pencil or a brush; the brush allows you to get softer and more natural edges; the brow pencil should be in a lighter shade to get the shape right;
  • If you are bold enough to try new trends, eyebrow stencils are all the rage right now;
  • The liner or the brow pencil should be in the nuance of your natural brows to obtain a natural, feminine look; if you are not sure how to get the best-looking eyebrows, check out these four tutorials on gorgeous eyebrows making!
  • Remember that your eyebrows should always have a sharp end, which helps in lifting your eyes; also, do not shorten your eyebrows if you want to achieve this look!
  • If you want to achieve higher arches, make sure you do not create something that will look unnatural.

Gathering up our brushes…

What face shape do you have? What is your favorite eyebrow style? Does this best eyebrow shape for oval guide help you make the best of your face shape and natural eyebrows?

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