Whether you are a beginner looking for quick and simple nail art tutorials, a nail art buff always browsing for the latest nail trends or a professional looking to recreate those runway shows’ nail designs for your clients, one thing is certain: you can find at least one nail art blog that is right for you. As usual, we are here to help! Not so long ago we presented you with our top 4 picks of nail blogs on new nail trends for you to stay permanently up to date with the nail fashion. Today, we will embark together on a journey to discover seven more nail art blogs you should start following.

1. Katrina’s Nail Blog

best nail art blogs katrina nail blog

Katrina’s Nail Blog is the go-to place if you want to see how everyday art inspires the most intricate, delicate, and outstanding of manicures. From floral plates and decals to song lyrics and champagne glitter, Katrina will open the door to a world of nail wonder. The bonus you will get here is this: besides having one of the best nail art blogs out there, Katrina also hosts a YouTube vlog channel where you can see her perform art and better understand her techniques.

2. The Polished Mommy

best nail art blogs polished mommy francine blog

In the words of amazing mom, blogger and nail artist Francine Brandow, The Polished Mommy is a blog about Francine’s love for glitter, shimmer, and all things shiny. Francine’s whimsical tone and her passion for nail art turned her into a veritable star in the nail design world. She offers tutorials and techniques, tips, tricks, reviews, and amazing ideas on both her blog and her YouTube channel. A woman you will love at first sight and a blog you should definitely follow, The Polished Mommy will educate as much as it will entertain you.

3. Chalkboard Nails

best nail art blogs chalkboard nails sarah waite

You will love this blog as much as you hate nails on a chalkboard. Sarah Waite, the owner and creative artist behind the Chalkboard Nails blog is a licensed nail technician. If you want detailed reviews on all nail polishes and lacquers on the market (together with tips and tutorials on the trendiest, newest and craziest nail designs out there), this is the place you want to be. You should also check Sarah’s YouTube channel for more nail art design ideas, guidelines, and news.

4. Hey, Nice Nails!

best nail art blogs hey nice nails Donne and Ginny Geer

This is the first thing you want to hear about your new manicure from your friends and co-workers, your partner and your family, isn’t it? Sisters Donne and Ginny Geer (one a nail artist and the other a graphic designer) make sure this will be the first thing you hear every day if you follow their tutorials, tips, tricks, and reviews. They have a knack for seasonal trends and the New York Fashion Week among others. Hey, Nice Nails! is a place to search for inspiration, fun, and funky nails!

5. More Nail Polish

best nail art blogs more nail polish Kitties26

Of course, we need more nail polish! This quirky nail blog is own and operated by Kitties26, a very creative and funny Aussie whose love for nail art and nail polish transpires from every article she writes. More Nail Polish deals with the newest trends and techniques in nail designs, tutorials, reviews, detailed guidelines, challenges, and more. Are you looking for a hot stylish nail art for a special occasion? Check out the YouTube channel as well, as chances are you will find everything you need to know about nails and more!

6. The Nailasaurus

best nail art blogs nailasaurus sammy blog

Created by Sammy, who besides being a nail artist is also a beauty blogger and a social media executive, The Nailasaurus is everything you wanted to know about nails, and then some! From the basic tips and tricks for women who are beginners in nail art to sophisticated creations you can take on the catwalk, Sammy delivers a fun, quirky, highly researched experience in nail designs, best products, and mind-blowing nail trends. Take a trip as well to the Nailasaurus YouTube channel for hands-on nail masterpieces!

7. Fashion Polish

best nail art blogs fashion polish blog

Sam admits she may be a bit addicted to nail polish and nail art. While she is not at all bothered by this, we are more than happy with her life choices. The Fashion Polish blog represents an entire universe dedicated to nail art, nail tutorials, polish, works of art, trends, and basic tips and tricks for beginners or professionals. You can also visit Sam’s YouTube channel to discover some hidden gems.

While we wait for our nails to dry…

Tell us if you are already following one of these best nail art blogs we presented! If not, tell us which one impressed you the most and who of these amazing ladies you are going to learn from this year!