Want to be up to date with all new nail trends? Technically, you could always closely follow the websites of the big brands of the industry. But just in how much detail do they go? Aside from photos of the latest trend, you also need to know where to find polish or tutorials of how to actually achieve these looks. So, if you are interested in a practical way of reading all about the hottest nail magic, just click away to one of the following blogs.

Top 4 Blogs on New Nail Trends

#1 So Nailicious

This is a blog that covers everything from nail care to nail art, tutorials, and to, obviously, nail trends. It would suffice to take a glimpse at their front page to realize that they’re always providing content of the freshest caliber. Not only are their suggestions always updated to the current season or thematic, but they also closely follow releases from powerhouses in the nail polish world. Curious to see if the new set of polishes from a big brand is worth your money? Find here reviews and swatches.

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#2 The Trendy Nail

The name is properly explicit and the content doesn’t fail to deliver on the promise either. You will find plenty of useful pieces of knowledge on this blog, though perhaps the most important feat is the ability to unveil nail polishes that fit right in with the current seasons. In conclusion, this is a blog where you can discover a world all about thorough polish reviews and swatches, collection analysis, and intricate tutorials.

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#3 All Lacquered Up

We do admit that one may be a little bit reluctant to put your faith in this blog seeing how the latest update was a while ago. But it’s really difficult not to make this inclusion. All Lacquered Up is the first nail beauty blog and it’s well proud of it. It has amassed an impressive following and we have no doubt that when the big trend hits us, Michelle will be all over it, giving swatches, reviews, comparisons, and tutorials.

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#4 Vampy Varnish

With a deep passion for nail polish since the tender age of thirteen, the webmaster really knows how to send this message across to her impressive audience. The blog also deals with other beauty products from time to time, but nails are the definite stars of this page. In fact, click now and you will undoubtedly notice that the latest three posts are all about new trends, collections, and releases. Plus, everything looks so organized it’s just a pleasure to the eye.

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Wrapping Up

You want to know as much as possible about all the new nail trends. So, don’t scout the Internet for ages, looking for swatches, reviews, comparisons, and personal opinions from different sources. You can find all of them in one place. Just give these blogs a shot, see which one you identify with most, and make it your daily source of nail beauty knowledge. Never miss a thing!