Flawless eyebrows can contribute a great deal to the symmetry of your face and the way you accentuate the features that make you most proud. Do you know how to do your eyebrows in order for them to look amazing? From plucking to combing, filling in, and more, the perfect eyebrows are just a couple of steps away. In today’s article, we’ve gathered 4 of the best tutorials out there on how to do your eyebrows. Let’s learn from the very best!

How to Do Your Eyebrows: 4 Useful Tutorials

1. How To: Fill In Your Eyebrows | My Eyebrow Routine by Tori Sterling

Tori Sterling takes you through all of the steps to creating the perfect brows. Her tutorial is targeted to beginners, so if you’ve never done this before, you shouldn’t worry. Her explanations are guaranteed to help you fill in your eyebrows successfully. First, she talks about shaping the eyebrows and cutting them until reaching the desired shape. Then, she goes into the process of actually filling them in. Even though she uses the Anastasia Dip Brow product, this is just an example. You can use whatever product you want as long as you follow her detailed instructions.

2. How to Shape Perfect Natural Eyebrows by mirellabellebeauty

As we’ve already mentioned, shaping your eyebrows is one of the first steps to a comprehensive eyebrow routine. This tutorial from mirellabellebeauty is focused only on this step, which makes it one of the most detailed tutorials for shaping eyebrows out there. What we love most about it is that Mirella makes her eyebrows look extremely natural. Moreover, she teaches people how to reach and maintain this natural look according to the shape of their face.

3. EYEBROW TUTORIAL by Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is one of the most appreciated beauty vloggers on YouTube. Her eyebrow tutorial shows how doing your eyebrows can completely transform your look. As Desi herself admits, she doesn’t have naturally full eyebrows. Still, she manages to make them look amazing through her eyebrow routine. If you have the same issue and want to help your eyebrows look fuller and match the shape of your face, we recommend this eyebrow tutorial. As a bonus, Desi uses a lot of eyebrow products in this tutorial, which could inspire you to pick some out for yourself.

4. How To Groom, Shape & Fill In your Eyebrows At Home | Brows for beginners by Nikolina Lime

Another complete brow tutorial designed for beginners, the one created by Nikolina Lime can help you achieve flawless eyebrows without having to go to the salon. The tutorial may be short, but it’s all you need in order to go through all of the steps required for the perfect eyebrows. From plucking them, to providing them with a lovely shape, to grooming and filling them in, Nikolina proves that doing your eyebrows is not as difficult as some people might think.

We hope the 4 tutorials we’ve presented today have taught you how to do your eyebrows at home and achieve a perfect look in no time.

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