If you are one of those people who are the proud possessors of combination skin you might be very familiar with what the term “T-Zone” means. If you are not sure what type of skin you have, here is our guide on how to determine your skin type in three easy steps. Having combination skin is a bit like having split personality. Your forehead is oily, your nose and chin have large pores, while your cheeks and under eye areas are dry and even flaky sometimes. However, you should know that if you have combination skin and it seems excruciating, you are not alone. Statistics tell us that this is actually the most common skin type out there. So, if you are one of those people, here is a complete guide on combination skin care, including tips on how to take care of it and what to avoid. Let’s begin!

Finding the balance

When you have combination skin the key to keeping it under control is to find that balance between your dry areas and your oily areas. Because of this, there are some things and lifestyle changes that might help you balance your skin. There are also some very important things that you should by all means avoid doing! Here is our list!

What you should do

  • Moisturizing from the inside: It’s very difficult to moisturize combination skin without touching your already oily areas. So, you can help your skin naturally moisturize by eating essential fatty acids. Things like walnuts and salmon might help you a lot. You can even take a fish oil supplement for extra care (but only after you’ve talked with your doctor).
  • Move a little: Exercising is very important when it comes to taking care of combination skin. If you move a little you will get your blood pumping, and this delivers important nutrients to your skin.
  • Protection before everything: This is a mandatory step for every skin type out there! You should apply a product which has SPF in it before going out. Also, if it’s sunny outside, you can wear hats and sunglasses to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays.
  • Only use products for combination skin: It’s very important for you to only use products that are especially made for oily to combination skin. So, be careful with foundations and moisturizers mainly because those are products that usually clog pores.

What you shouldn’t do

  • Don’t use harsh cleaners: If you use soap or other cleansers with alcohol or sulfates in it you might do your skin a lot more harm than good. These products do not help you oily T-Zone but instead force it to produce even more oil.
  • Don’t use products with fragrances: It’s very important, if you have combination skin, to avoid applying products that have fragrance. This is because your dry areas are very vulnerable to irritation, which fragrances might trigger.

What you can also do

There are some other things that you can also do once a week to take an even better care of your combination skin. For example, you can exfoliate once a week. You can also use an anti-aging product to rejuvenate your skin. Make sure that the ingredients are all natural before buying it though.

Wrapping it all up

So, did our tips on combination skin care help you in any way? Did you know them all? Leave us your comments below and let’s discuss this topic even further!

Image source: pixabay