We all have fashion and beauty-related hobbies that we like to do in our free time. One of those, believe it or not, is browsing the internet for some of the most interesting and trendy makeup ideas. It’s not only a way to relax, but these ideas also act as inspiration which usually, we put into practice on the first occasion. But doing this can also get a little stressful because well, there are too many makeup ideas out there! There’s the ever so sexy smoky eye, the natural makeup look or the balanced looks that are both wearable and cool. However, this time, we will look at some of the best glitter eye makeup ideas to bring out the sparkle in your eyes. We had to talk about this. After all, it’s one of the most popular makeup looks right now and especially useful for some crazy nights out. Ready? Let’s begin!

1.      Brown mixed with some gold glitter

When you think of glitter, most people usually think of something bright, sparkly and loud. However, wearing a glitter eye makeup look does not always have to be like this. Glitter can look edgy even if you choose to wear it in a classy way. For example, you can use a neutral brown base as your canvas. Then, you can add a matter darker brown as your transition shade and finally, apply some copper and gold glitter on top for that extra sparkle. You should be careful to apply it only on the center of your lid. That is the spot where light usually hits. It’s subtle, yet very impactful!

2.      That chunky glitter look

Are you one of those people that don’t really like that subtlety of small, fine glitter? Worry not! We have exactly what you need! There are also some chunkier glitter products out there for you to try. You can choose any color you like and add it on any base you want. Moreover, you can even pair this look with a sexy cat-eye or some false lashes. It’s up to you! The chunkier, the better!

3.      Under eye craziness

Speaking of a sexy cat-eye, how would you like it paired with some chunky glitter on your lower lid? This makes for an even more accentuated feline look that will surely turn some heads. You can either use silver or colored glitter and play around with it. Only apply one coat of mascara on your eyelashes and leave the sparkles to attract all the attention. Meow!

4.      Inner corner glitter

If you are not especially happy about putting glitter all over your lid, you may want to try a more subtle look. Try doing a basic makeup using some matts pinks or some browns. After that, you can take your fine glitter and place it only near the inner corner of your eye. It will still be cool but more tempered and not that flashy. Try it!

Summing it all up

What did you think about our list of glitter eye makeup ideas? Are you bold enough to wear them? Let us know what you think down below!

Image source: wikimedia