Here are some fantastic toe nail art designs that you could wear this summer. Take a look at all these designs and try them out. Some may say that painting your toenails is even easier compared to painting your fingernails. The key is to have patience. First, you need to remove your old nail polish. Consider using a q-tip for the edges which are hard to reach.

Because your toe nails are a little rougher than your fingernails, you need to use a nail buffer. Therefore, you will be able to smooth down the grooves and ridges. Specialists indicate that buffing your nails makes the new nail polish last longer, looking better. Furthermore, buffing determines the nail to retain the base coat, protecting it from eventual polish stains.

The next step consists in clipping your nails. Make sure you do not clip them to become too short because it might be painful. Then, file your toe nails to obtain the shape you desire. Separate the toe nails to make it easier for you to apply the polish. First, apply the base coat. Now, it’s time to choose a toe nail design. Let’s take a look at the following tips.

Small white dots

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If you feel really creative, you can try painting every toe nail in a different color. Choose the cutest colors, lime lemon-yellow, grass-green, coral, pink and orange. To spice this up, add some small white dots for the fun of it. Now your toe nails look like they are ready for the summer.

Disney nail art

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This design looks spectacular! If you are a Disney fan, then go for it! Your toe nails will look incredibly cute. Before starting, you need to make sure you have all the patience in the world to paint all those details, like Donald Duck’s bow and Minnie Mouse’s dotted dress. Even if you might spend a little more extra time on these design, you need to admit that it looks amazing.

Starry toe nails

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If you want your pedicure to stand out, then feel free to use a sparkly nail polish. This blue glitter nail polish will make you look ready for the seaside this year. Furthermore, if you add some small white stars on them, it may give you a “Little Mermaid” look, except the tail.

Colorful stripes

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This is what happens when you have several favorite nail polishes, and you cannot decide. Just kidding. This is an outstanding look! Try combining several shades from the same color or feel free to mix the colors. However, you need to make sure you use the appropriate brush for applying these thin stripes. You do not necessarily need to use the same pattern on all your toe nails. Be creative!

Rhinestones pedicure

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This looks a bit simpler than the designs above. Nevertheless, it still looks outstanding. Choose two of your favorite colors and alternate those nail polishes on your toe nails. Then, use one of the shades to draw some thin stripes and feel free to apply some rhinestones. This looks like fun!

Summing up, all these toe nail art designs will make your feet look ready for the summer. Make sure you have the appropriate tools to obtain these designs and start having fun!