If you want to know how to get rid of sunspots, you need to ask your dermatologist’s advice. A professional in skin care can use various procedures to remove sunspots from your skin. If you will follow your doctor’s advice and have an extensive skin care routine, you will definitely obtain the desired results.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey is a board-certified dermatologist, being specialized in skin care. She presents some amazing techniques that can help people eliminate sunspots.


The first procedure is cryotherapy. This technology relies on freezing isolated sunspots. After the freezing process, the heavily pigmented skin will peel off. The melanocytes (pigment cells) are sensitive when it comes to cold treatment that implies the use of liquid nitrogen. Therefore, part of the overactive melanocytes can be shrunk if the treatment is performed as it should be. However, the risk that this procedure might not work still exists.


Microdermabrasion is another method which can be used. Usually, aestheticians are in charge of performing such treatments. The procedure implies the exfoliation of the skin in a controlled manner, suctioning off the layer of dead skin. Specialists perform microdermabrasion using diamond surfaced wands, aluminum sand or salt crystals.

Therefore, dead cells which have additional skin pigment will disappear. Patients can obtain outstanding results if the regular treatment is performed at 4 to 8-week intervals.

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Do you know how to get rid of sunspots? Here are some recommendations from two dermatologists.

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Chemical peels

This type of treatment may vary. Hence, you need to know what this is about if you sign up for such a procedure to control your sunspots. Aestheticians, nurses or doctors can perform this treatment, depending on the depth of the peel . This depth is given by an association of factors;

-the acid used

-the sensitivity of your skin when absorbing the acid

-the time period for which the acid remains on the skin

Specialists indicate that different parts of your skin can have a distinct response to chemical peels.

Laser treatments

Laser and light procedures, just like chemical peels, vary when it comes to the results you may obtain and the experience you might have during the treatment. These treatments require the use of light wavelengths that focus on a particular thing in the skin. These treatments can either be ablative or non-ablative. The first type implies skin removal, leaving a controlled wound, while the second one does not imply the removal of the affected skin.

Efficient skin products

Dr. Sajal Shah is another dermatologist who offers some recommendations when it comes to the elimination of sunspots. She argues that people should be more cautious when it comes to their skin’s health, protecting it with a sunscreen throughout the whole year. However, if those pesky sunspots appear, she recommends an approach which implies the use of 3 different products.

Dr. Shah proposes the use of a Vitamin C serum to overcome free radical damage determined by the exposure to the sun. Furthermore, she also recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen which contains minerals and also retinol.

Summing up, these procedures and treatments can help you decide what to use depending on the severity of your sunspots. Make sure you contact your dermatologists and get a checkup right away! Do not forget your hat, sunglass, and sunscreen when going out on a sunny day!