7 Gorgeous Pastel Hair Ideas in 2017

Colorful hair locks
The pastel hair trend continues to be popular in 2017, conquering the hearts of many.

Before going for a pastel hair, you need to make sure you know everything about it. First, before applying the crazy color you are thinking of, you need to have blonde hair. Consider bleaching your hair first to make sure the pastel will last longer. Irrespective of the fact that you only want some colorful strands of hair or if you decided to use the pastel on your full head, you need to go to a professional hairstylist.

It is better for you to avoid risking this one. You may not obtain the wanted results if you try this by yourself. Furthermore, your skin tone can help you choose a certain hair color shape. If you have a fair skin tone, you can try warmer shades such as orange or even pink. However, if your skin tone is darker, then you should try lavender, green or blue.

The disadvantage is that a pastel hair color will fade away pretty fast. If you want to keep your pastel hair, you should purchase pigments. In this way, you will be able to reapply the color after every five shampoos. It will look amazing, but you will have a hard time maintaining the color. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas of pastel hair for 2017.

Color your hair with the chaos of trouble!

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Before anything, you need to dye your hair in a very pale blonde color. Then, you can choose light blue and lavender, asking your hairstylist to apply these two color on your strands of hair.

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This looks spectacular! You can definitely choose a balayage hairstyle with different shades of blue. Use darker blue at the roots and a lighter color towards the tips of your hair.

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All women know that pink is always a good idea. This metallic pink shade will offer an incredible to your hair locks.

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A grass-like green shade will look gorgeous! Also, you can try dying your hair in different shades of green on wider strands of hair. Then, after drying your hair, you can blend in the strands, mixing the colors. It will look magnificent!

Pastel hair is trendy this summer

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Wear the fire in your hair with this nice shade of orange. This amazing shade can definitely make everyone stare at your new look. This is perfect for this hot summer.

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If you want to change your look, but are afraid of a drastic change, you can only dye your hair tips in a pastel color. This ombre look a cotton candy pink look fantastic! You should try this, going from a darker pink to a lighter shade towards your hair ends.

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If you cannot decide on a single color, try mixing several shades in your fair blonde hair. You can have different colors on your locks of hair, mixing them up. Try different shades of blue and some amazing shades of pink to get an outrageous look.

Summing up, all these amazing pastel hair ideas can color your summer, making you stand out of the crowd.


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