Just because your nailbeds aren’t long and slender, that doesn’t mean you can embellish them with something Instagram worthy. Speaking of Instagram, there are plenty of small nail designs floating around which you can draw inspiration from. They say the sky is the limit and as far as your manicure goes, we can say what is NOT the limit: the length of your nails. Here are some of our favorite design ideas.

Top 10 Small Nail Designs for People with Short Nails

#1 Cherry Blossom Pop

cherry blossoms

To carry a piece of spring with you everywhere you go, try this amazing design which includes everything you’d expect from a spring-ish aesthetic: cherry blossoms and pastels. The floral pattern clashes with the greenish canvas in a contrast worth gushing over.

#2 Dark Blue and Arrows

navy arrows

If you lack length and amplitude to your nails, you can compensate by creating intricate and dynamic design patterns. This particular photo showcases an example which uses nothing but dark blue and white to decorate every individual nail with a unique model.

#3 Pink Ombre

pink ombre

Sure, an ombre probably looks better on longer nails, but a gradient is a gradient. It rocks just as much on short nails, so grab that sponge and get to your manicure!

#4 Green Stripes

green stripes

Not exactly the most skilled nail artist? That’s totally fine. You can create an interesting and eye-catching design by doing something as simple as painting two lines on a neutrally-colored nail. And, voila, you have something awesome.

#5 Sweet Cherry

sweet cherry

There are numerous tools on the market that allow you to carry out creative manicure ideas. To recreate this polka dot look, scout specific stores for tools that allow you to make perfect dots. The cherry is optional, but definitely a cute addition.

#6 Flower Turquoise

flower turquoise

If, however, you are someone patient enough to maneuver tools in order to draw beautiful patterns and models, this is a suggestion for you. And if you’re a first-timer, there are enough tutorials to help you out.

#7 Pink and White Zigzag

pink and white zigzag

With just enough dexterity, you can recreate this bold look that relies on the heavy contrast of the zigzag line that separates the two soft colors. Obviously, you can make this design your own and swap the recommended shades for polish of your preferred choice.

#8 Yin Yang

yin yang nails

You look at this design and you just have to wonder how you didn’t think of it until now. Very symbolic and attention-grabbing, it’s also easy to reproduce!

#9 Abstract Polish

abstract polish

Sometimes it’s just easier to simply start a chaotic design process and see where it gets you. This abstract look is for experts and those ready to experiment.

#10 Nude Grid

nude grid

Sometimes you just don’t feel like covering your entire nail with polish. Try your hand at this simple yet stunning grid design, applied straight on top of your clean nails.

Wrapping Up

Ready to put either of these small nail designs to use? Never let all those long-nailed manicure photos discourage you from creating a gorgeous look with just as big of an impact.