Although sugar hair removal has gained a lot of popularity these last couple of years, it is not a new technique. In fact, it originates in the ancient middle-eastern cultures. They used ingredients such as water, sugar, honey, salt, lemon juice, and essential oils to prepare a waxing paste. Here are some more interesting details about this cosmetic procedure.

What Is Sugar Hair Removal?

According to some, sugar hair removal is a technique used by Egyptians, many centuries ago. It is an old as well as a completely natural form of hair removal. It resembles the classic waxing because it removes the hair from its root. Moreover, it is less painful than regular waxing because it is applied at room temperature and it doesn’t stick as much to your skin.

How Does Sugar Hair Removal Work?

a woman's legs and a beautician applying a sugar hair removal procedure

There are two main types of sugar hair removal: paste and gel. Normally, in the initial version, these two are made of basic ingredients like water, sugar, and lemon juice. If you choose to try this procedure at a beauty salon, make sure they use the natural recipe. I say this because many salons use a fake sugar hair removal solution which is made of wax resin combined with sugar.

As I mentioned above, there are two types of sugar hair removal:

  • Paste. This is said to be the traditional technique. It consists of a warm thick mixture which is applied in the opposite direction of the way your hair grows. You don’t need any additional tools because you only use your hands.
  • Gel. This is a more modern sugar hair removal technique. It is similar to waxing, and it is applied in the same direction as your hair growth. You must remove it with a cloth.

Pros and Cons of Sugar Hair Removal


  • It can be done quickly. Once you get the hang of it, you can perform this waxing in a simple and quick manner. It is true, however, that you need some experience and that the paste works easier than the gel.
  • You can easily clean up after the procedure is done. Because both gel and paste contain water, they are easy to remove. Therefore, you can clean any residue using only plain water.
  • You can do it at home. Sugar hair removal is easier, more natural, and even less expensive than regular waxing. You can do it by yourself, at home, with the help of a removal kit. There are plenty of kits offers online.
  • Your skin will not get irritated. Therefore you can apply a second layer of paste or gel if you missed some hairs.
  • It lasts longer. The effects can last up to six weeks. Moreover, in time, your hair follicles will stop growing.


  • There aren’t a lot of qualified and experienced professional that can do this technique in the proper way. Most salons use the classic waxing procedure. It can be tricky to find a good salon that applies the original and natural sugar hair removal technique.
  • You need your hairs longer than usual if you want to achieve great results. Also, it’s not simple to obtain the proper consistency. The paste must be thick enough to stick to your hair.

Let’s Recap

Sugar hair removal is a natural waxing method which is less painful and safer than regular waxing. However, you need to gain some experience in doing this procedure because, at first, it can be quite difficult. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making your paste or gel, you should find the right salon that meets your needs and preferences.

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