Unlike normal acetone or dissolver, a nail polish thinner is used for thickened polish. You don’t have to put it on your nails but into the bottle until you achieve the desired consistency. Here are more details about this product and the main differences between it and a regular dissolver.

What Is Nail Polish Thinner?

Every manicure kit should contain a nail polish thinner. It is used to remove thickened nail polish. You can buy them in stores or even from online shops. It is also known as a nail lacquer thinner, and it is basically a chemical solution. Unlike regular dissolver, polish thinner restores nail polish, maintaining your manicure’s beauty. It is a chemical solvent that also protects your nails’ enamel.

How to Use Nail Polish Thinner

nail polish thinner

Just purchase a bottle of nail polish thinner from your local store and pour a couple of drops into your nail polish bottles, if necessary. You can even use a small tool such as an eyedropper to keep track of how much nail polish thinner you use. Most beauty shops and drug stores sell this kind of products.

If your manicure is a gel-based one, you should apply a gel thinner. This works in a more powerful way. Gel manicure contains a UV reactive makeup. Therefore, a normal thinner might not work properly.

The Difference Between Nail Polish Thinner and Regular Dissolver

As I mentioned above, the main difference between a regular dissolver and a nail polish thinner is the way they work. The first one removes old polish while the second one restores your manicure. A normal nail polish remover such as acetone can be used when you want to remove your normal manicure. On the other hand, the nail polish thinner should be applied only on thickened polish.

Acetone is applied directly on your nails with a cotton pad whereas the thinner is poured into the polish bottle to make it less thick and easier to swipe on your nails. Some thinners can damage your nails’ surface because they contain some poisonous chemical ingredients. Therefore, you should be very careful when you buy this product as well as when you use it.

Most thinners are available in liquid form, and they reduce viscosity, by liquefying the nail polish. The regular ingredients of this product are the following ones: acetone, toluene, hexane, heptane, and more.

How to Make Nail Polish Thinner at Home

If you want to try something else before buying a solution that deals with thickened polish, you can try a simple hack at home. Just hold the polish bottle under hot water for a couple of seconds. Then, instead of shaking it, you should hand-roll it in a gentle manner. This way, the polish will not form any air bubbles. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired consistency. It is a simple yet effective trick to make your polish thinner.

nail polish thinner

Putting It All Together

If you are annoyed by the fact that your nail polish eventually gets thick, you can stop stressing. There are plenty of ways to correct this issues, including using a nail polish thinner. The main difference between it and a normal dissolver is its main use. If you want to restore your polish, you should pour a couple of thinner drops in it. Try it and let us know how well it worked.

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