Each season there are some new, and sometimes crazy, hair trends that become extremely popular on social media, mainly Instagram. This Spring, it seems that the newest obsession had to do with crystals. The beauty world is in love with them, and whether you believe in their special powers or not, you have to admit that you stopped and looked at some at one point in your life. This is precisely the reason why they have inspired hair colors, nail colors, and have even been infused with skin-care products. But there are more such trends to talk about, and we will do so in our article on Spring 2018 hair trends that are both cute and interesting.

It doesn’t really matter if you are planning to try some of these hair trends or are simply admiring them from a distance. Yes, they might be too much for some people, but you cannot avoid admitting that they are indeed beautiful. Most of these hair trends look like they’re right out of a fairytale. Maybe that is exactly what their creators were aiming for. Here are some of the most beautiful Spring 2018 hair trends to inspire you this season. Enjoy!

The Gem Roots Trend

This is one of those multi-colored looks which Las Vegas-based hairstylist Chita Beseau created for the first time. It is actually a combination of more trends, like the rainbow roots, with this crystal craze and some delicate pastel tones. Those seem to be the things that everyone loves, so why not mix them all together and create something out of this world? Beseau painted colors like purple, pink, and mint on platinum blond hair, but only focused them at the roots. This is interesting because it allows you to try these unusual pastel colors without having to dye your whole hair.

Taro Hair

This very pretty taro hair trend is part of the purple craze that has been taking the internet by storm. However, this is a lighter approach which Yokii Techi made for the first time. It is inspired by the famous taro bubble tea, which has a light shade of purple, very close to a grayish lilac hue. The first step is to paint a faint shade of grey on already-lightened hair. Then, Techi used shades of pink, silver, and lilac. It is fairly easy to achieve, especially if you still have your natural hair color.

t a r o b u b b l e t e a v i b e s ✨ From her lovely @scrupleshair muted yellow to the complete opposite! We decided to go cool tone and do a metallic lilac which reminds me of a taro bubble tea smoothie ?? @yurhairness you look so good in cool tones ?⚡ I started off with @schwarzkopfusa as a pre tone to get the silver metallic look and then applied @pulpriothair mercury blush and lilac to enhance the color? to maintain the integrity of the hair I used @brazilianbondbuilder which I simply can’t live without!?? to style her I used @babylissprousa with @love_amika texture spray ? #bescene #americansalon #behindthescenes #behindthechair #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #hairbrained #maneaddicts #btconeshot #btconeshot_pastel18 #btconeshot_student18 #btconeshot_curls18 #btconeshot_unconventionalcolor18

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Pink Lemonade Hair

Who doesn’t love pink lemonade? Now, who wouldn’t love that shade on their hair? There has been an explosion of pink lemonade hairstyles on Instagram for you to choose from. It certainly makes an impact. There are many variations to this trend, like only making your ends or your roots pink, or going lighter and only making some highlights. It’s all about you and what you prefer.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our article on the cutest Spring 2018 hair trends? Are you brave enough to try them? If you already did that, show the results in the comment section down below!

Image source: maxpixel