With prom season, spring break, and early summer trips just around the corner, many people are wondering what they can do to help out with their pale, wintery skin. One of the best, and most popular, solutions is a spray tan. There is a stigma that goes with spray tans; many people seem to believe that when someone gets a spray tan, the look like an orange cartoon character. This, however, is simply not the case if done correctly. Read on to find out what the actual con’s of a spray tan are along with learning about the pro’s!


There are many good things that come with getting a spray tan. Clearly the pro’s outweigh the con’s because spray tans are so widely used to get that perfect glow just in time for prom that beach trip you’ve been waiting for!

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Spray Tans do Not Have Harmful UV Rays

Most other methods to achieve a soft caramel skin tone involve the risk of harming your skin from UV rays, which could quite possible lead to serious skin problems involving skin cancer. Spray tanning, however, is exactly what is sounds like- a professional will spray your skin with artificial coloring that is completely safe for your skin and is a great alternative to tanning beds because it does not have those nasty UV rays that dermatologists are constantly nagging you about.

No Smudging or Smearing

Unlike tanning lotion, spray tans offer an even coverage that just can’t be beat. Many people do use tanning lotions over spray tans simply because of the cost and convinces of applying the product at home. But as they say, you get the bang for your buck. Using a spray tan rather than lotion will ensure an even, more natural looking tan.


Regardless of the obvious benefits of using a spray tan over other tanning options, there are a few negatives that come with spray tanning. Just like every other option has their downfalls, too!

Spray Tans Don’t Last Long

If you’re looking for a tan that will last more than a few days or a week, spray tanning is most likely not the best bet for you. So, unless you just want a tan for one night(like prom!), spray tanning probably should not be your first choice.

Spray Tans Stain!

If you’re getting a spray tan, make sure that you’re not wearing your favorite white v-neck that day. If you do, it will surely be stained orange and ruined by your tan. Unfortunately, even your hands, or underneath your finger nails, can get semi-stained from your spray tan. So be careful!

You Can Go Overboard

Although a spray tan, if done professionally, will usually turn out flawless, there are the occasions that you go a shade too dark. If it is your first spray tan, start out light!  You can always go darker, but you can never take off a layer. So precede with caution, please!


There are most certainly amazing things that come with using a spray tan. But, like all the other options for tanning, there are some major downfalls. Weigh out the pro’s and con’s of each option to help you decide which tanning method will work best for you!