Baldness is a growing concern of today’s youth, and almost everyone throughout the world experiences it. Such is the scare of hair loss among both the genders that they use all means possible to control, if not stop, hair loss. But what if I tell you that hair loss can be genetic and no artificial means can stop it from happening? Well, hair fall is a medical condition which in medical terms is called Alopecia, the common problem of hair loss from the scalp and body. Also referred to as male pattern baldness, it is characterized by receding hairlines, bald patches, and extensive hair loss.

But why does it happen?

According to Clinicspots– the online health portal, apart from being genetic, alopecia can also be induced. Unhealthy lifestyle, aging, hormonal imbalances, hair styling, etc. are some of the major causes of hair loss. And if all of these are not kept in check, it is highly likely that by the time you turn 30, you will not have any hair to call your own. What will you do then? Will you let it be and face the consequences or will you go out there and get treatment? Does hair transplant seem to be the right option?

You can definitely go for a hair transplant, and it will surely give you results. India is one of the favorite destinations of people coming from abroad to get a hair transplant treatment, and you can get some of the best treatments for a hair transplant in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other metro cities. But wait! Do you really want to go for a surgical procedure like hair transplant when you can undergo a non-surgical treatment having more or less the same rate of success?

Yes, it is possible to get a hair loss treatment without going under the knife. And that treatment is Mesotherapy.

Considered as an alternative to hair transplants, Mesotherapy is a non-surgical hair treatment which helps cure baldness, both in men and women with the use of multiple injections of both pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines. Mesotherapy helps in reducing hair loss, promotes hair growth, and slows down the process of male pattern baldness. This ensures that the patient does not have to undergo a tedious process of hair transplantation which often requires multiple sessions and a surgery.

Moreover, it is completely a medical treatment which involves stimulating the hair follicles and regulating proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients necessary for hair growth. This is achieved by using an injection gun to inject nutrients and growth boosters in the scalp in the least painful way possible which aides in the hydration and nourishment of the scalp.

Mesotherapy works on a cellular level, and the treatment initiates cell metabolism, improving blood circulation in the scalp, decreasing infections, and promoting accelerated hair growth. Also, Mesotherapy is comparatively a much faster treatment than any other procedure and helps to restore hormonal imbalance gradually giving a long lasting result.

That sounds great, but you might be wondering how exactly it is done, right?

Well, as I’ve mentioned above, the technique of Mesotherapy involves injecting nutrient-rich solution in the mesoderm region of the scalp. For those of you who are unaware, mesoderm is a layer under the epidermis of the scalp which actually serves as a bridge between the layer of stored fat and skin tissue.

A special Mesotherapy gun is used to perform the procedure which comprises a sterile needle housing the solution and is injected into the scalp. Usually, the treatment spans multiple sessions, as and when directed by the doctor, one session per week for half an hour duration each. Even after starting with the therapy, one needs to understand that it takes roughly fifth or the sixth session to visibly see the results of the therapy, and therefore, patience is the key!

What about any side effects or limitations you ask?

Although, patients undergoing Mesotherapy experience little to no pain or discomfort, it is advised to people suffering from skin ailments, diabetes, hemophilia, or pregnancy to avoid this treatment as it may deteriorate their health. You must consult a doctor before undergoing the procedure.

All in all, Mesotherapy is a completely safe procedure having no major side effects as the solution injected into your scalp contains vitamins and other essential nutrients necessary for hair growth. So, go ahead and book an appointment today.


Author Bio:  Debarun Talukdar, a niche blogger who loves to write about health and fitness. I strongly believe and live by the proverbial saying, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”