All women want strong, beautiful nails. If you are out of ideas on strengthening and protecting your manicure, a possible solution might be the IBX Nail System, a nail strengthening treatment. In this post, we will cover this subject, especially the way IBX works, what it really is, and whether or not it is truly effective.

What is IBX Nail System?

The manufacturer describes IBX Nail System as a curable and penetrative monomer system or simply a straightening treatment. It was created and launched by Famous Name company. The product comes with two liquid monomer bottles. Monomers are tiny molecules which will eventually join, helped by a photoinitiator which in most cases in a UV light. To start their joining process, they must be exposed to a certain light as well as heat.

How does IBX Nail System work?

As I previously mentioned, the product includes two bottles:

ibx nail system repair bottle

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00TAAF3WG” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]IBX Nail System[/easyazon_link] Repair. This is the first step of the treatment. You must apply this solution on those nail areas which are visibly damaged. Once they get cured, you can continue with the second step of the treatment.

the ibx nail system strengthening bottle

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00TAAFX8U” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]IBX Regular[/easyazon_link]. After your nail is cured and doesn’t have visible damages, you can now apply the second solution to complete the curing process.

Most people are happy with the results. The IBX Nail System heals your nail plates, removing splits as well as peels. Moreover, it adds a protective shield to your natural nail surface. This way, your nails will grow without breaking anymore. You can even use this treatment as a method to protect your manicure from different penetrative things such as gel polish removal.

Unlike other products which remain on your nail’s surface, IBX rapidly sinks into your nails to treat all their layers as well not only the superficial ones. Because it sinks deep within your nails, this treatment lasts longer, even between gel removals or polish.

There are certain conditions to follow before applying this product if you want to achieve the best possible results:

  • Your nails must be completely dry and clean.
  • You should heat the product in a gentle manner until it reaches the temperature of 41-43 degrees Celsius.
  • Then, after you apply the treatment, you should blot and cure your nails, using UV light.

Its main ingredient is HPMA (hydroxypropyl methacrylate) which helps the solution’s adhesion to your natural nails. This is also why the IBX sinks into your nails much faster than other treatments.

To obtain better results, you should use the treatment twice: you must apply the product, then heat it up as written above, blot, and cure with UV light. Before starting over, you should cleanse your nails.

Putting It All Together

The IBX Nail System works better than most of the other treatment available on the market. It sinks quick and easy into your nails, filling the gaps or curing your exfoliated areas. Moreover, once you apply it on your nails, it covers them in a protective surface, giving them strength and durability. It is a great way to keep longer nails and provide a healthy growth.

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