Nowadays, people are more concerned than ever about their dietary habits. Obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases are frequent, even among young people. This is why we should all pay attention to what we eat. A new popular eating plan is the primal nutrition, which some people confuse with Paleo Diet. Let’s find out more details about how this diet works, as well as its pros and cons.

What Is Primal Nutrition?

Since Mark Sisson published the Primal Blueprint, in 2009, the world has developed a new habit. Primal nutrition can easily be seen as a healthy lifestyle rather than a weight loss diet. The entire dietary plan focuses on eating natural foods, and it is based on the science of evolution.

The Principles of a Primal Diet Plan

a healthy dish of meat and vegetables

#1. High-quality meats

Although primal nutrition recommends us to eat only wild game, this is not so accessible nor affordable for most people. Therefore, you should find a local farmer and purchase meat from naturally raised animals such as grass-fed beef or cow.

#2. Leafy Green Vegetables

Our ancestors ate a lot of plants, even up to 65 percent of their entire diet. The best type of vegetables you can consume are the darker green ones. They are rich in nutrients. Two good examples are spinach and kale.

#3. Berries

Even though fruits are basically healthy and good for our organism, the ones produced by large agriculture companies are not as healthy as the ones created naturally. For example, nowadays, an apple is sweeter and has more sugar than one grown by our ancestors. Therefore, you should focus on berries which are full of antioxidants and other nutrients, and they haven’t been as genetically altered as other fruits.

#4. Clean Spring Water

Hydration is important as well as the kind of water you drink. Tap water is not safe anymore these days. Make sure your water is properly filtered. Or, at least, buy high-quality cleaner water brands.

#5. Quality Over Quantity

Primal nutrition is all about quality instead of quantity. Eating properly and in the right amounts will help you have a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

Primal Nutrition vs. Paleo Diet – Main Differences

For starters, both of these dietary plans focus on eating healthy, similar to the way our ancestors did. The main purpose is to reduce or even eliminate processed foods from your daily eating habits. However, there are some differences between these two diets:

  • Paleo focuses on whole foods and requires you to avoid fatty proteins. It includes only lean proteins.
  • On the other hand, primal nutrition diet allows you to consume as many healthy fats as you want. This means you can eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and even dark chocolate.
  • Paleo diet eliminates corn and wheat because our ancestors didn’t consume these two foods, which nowadays might contain a lot of carbs and sugar.

Primal Nutrition Pros and Cons

Primal Nutrition Pros

  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle.
  • This diet is low in sugar, which balances your blood sugar level.
  • Encourages a careful selection of only high-quality meats.
  • It supports your weight loss journey.

Primal Nutrition Cons

  • A ultra-restrictive version of this diet is not recommended because your organism should eat all kind of foods, including grains.
  • Too hard for some of you to keep this diet, because we can’t guarantee that all of you will find local farmers or 100 percent natural food supplies.

Let’s Recap

You need to eat healthy and simple, avoiding processed foods. Maintain yourself well-informed and choose quality over quantity. This is what primal nutrition is all about. Don’t make excesses and always keep a balanced way of life.

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