If you wear your hair long or medium, straight or curly – and even short, why not? – you know that braids will never go out of fashion. Moreover, they can be extremely versatile and help you in any occasion: casual cornrows, tight tails for sports or the gym, exquisite French braid for a special occasion, celebrity-style box braids or a Dutch braid for a sassy, classy look. When it comes to braiding, however, some things may look hard and some braided hairstyles may put off beginners. As you know, we are always looking for newer and newer beauty tips and hairstyle tricks from professionals. Today, we will let them do the talking while we try to learn their moves in the same time. If you want to get the perfect braid, here are some amazing women sharing their knowledge and skills!

1. Augustashes: The Easiest French Braid – It is all About the Hands

When you think about how to get the perfect braid, the French method comes to mind instantly. A fabulous, feminine, and timeless braid, the French braid looks complicated, like the soul of a woman. However, beauty and hair experts Augustashes teaches you more than just how to French braid: she shows us a certain way we can use our hands to make the French braid process so much easier! Watch and learn, ladies, and rock those French braids! Sure, if the hand trick is a bit hard to process at first, watch the video as many times as you want, we know we did!

If you watched and learned, we would be more than happy to find out how did your French braids ended up now that you acquired a new technique!

2. Alexsis Mae: Dutch Braid like the Kardashians – Go Under!

Dutch braids have something timeless, genuine, feminine, and funky to them. There is no wonder why many celebrities, Kim Kardashian included, prefer this type of braided hairstyle for casual or formal looks. One of the main differences between French braids and Dutch ones is that the latter does not require you to cross your strands over the mid-strand but under it. If we got you a bit lost, just watch makeup and beauty artist Alexsis Mae teaching you in a simple, clear, and easy to follow manner. At the end of the video, you will sport some amazing Kim Dutch strands to really stand out from the crowd!

3. Kayley Melissa: Fish Braid: Cross that Strand!

Fish braids make some of the unique styles of braiding. Sometimes they look messy, sometimes they look tight, but they always look gorgeous and complicated. Hairstyle guru Kayley Melissa is here to show us how to achieve fish braids. Not only that, but she has three different methods we can choose from to reach the same amazing result. You may prefer some mind over matter technique, or you may let your fingers do the job while your mind tries to catches up with things, it does not matter: the third method gets to all of us, even the beginners. Watch Kayley Melissa turning hair into a veritable artwork and try following her closely. You may even want to re-watch the video to get even more tricks. All we can say is… WOW!

Gathering up our strands…

How do you get the perfect braid, no matter its style? Do you rely on your fingers “knowing” what to do? What other amazing braiding tips do you have and would like to share with us?

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