Some of the reasons why box braids appeal to women so much are that they are protective, easy to wear, versatile, and low maintenance. However, these qualities don’t mean that you can wear them in the same way all the time. You do need to look your best, after all. That’s why we did some digging on YouTube and found these amazing tutorials from beauty vloggers who will teach us how to style box braids. You’re welcome!

1. The Gabrielle Morris Tutorial

When a video starts with music from our queen, Beyonce, you know it’s going to be good. This amazingly pretty lady wowed us right from that start. Her box braids are a wonderful shade of honey caramel, number 27, by the way, if you’re planning on getting it too. Her massively interesting tutorial is quick and fun, a little under five minutes, perfect for you to learn the most basic box braid styles.

Think of it as your go-to tutorial for those awful Monday mornings when you really don’t want to get out of bed, but you have to. You look in the mirror, and you wonder what you should do about your box braids. It’s simple, really. You subscribe to Gabrielle Morris’ channel, you save the link to this tutorial, and you thank us! For more of her, visit her YouTube channel.


2. The Naomi Amber Tutorial

We cannot really imagine there is a box braid hairstyle you could possibly want and not find in Naomi Amber’s tutorial. Her video is incredibly exhaustive, as this lovely and vivacious lady manages to cram no less than 17 different styles in about 8 minutes for us. Plus, did we mention she is an absolute delight to watch at work?

We loved looking at her because she’s fun, ludic, and full of life, exactly as any beauty vlogger needs to be. It’s what makes us come back to her YouTube channel for more videos. Another awesome thing is just how incredibly easy she makes everything look. Her viewers are absolutely taken with her. And so will you. We promise!


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3. The Courtney Lee Tutorial

Quick and easy. We used her own words to label this tutorial on how to style box braids because she did and awesome job describing it. However, here’s the catch. We watched the video thinking we’d be getting a few quick and easy box braid styles. And we did. But we did not expect them to be so amazing, intricate, glamorous, hip, chic, and hipster, all at the same time!

This outstanding beauty vlogger has done the impossible. In just eight short minutes, she showed us how to style box braids into buns, space buns, use those jumbo Harry Potter glasses we all love, and how to tie an elegant headscarf properly. Oh, yes. You can bet we love her! Find more of Courtney Lee on her Insta.


Take a quick look at these three tutorials, and we pinky swear you will learn how to style box braids. Then go to our comment section down below and tell us all about your experience. We can’t wait to hear all about it!