If you’ve had your hair cut short a while ago, you might be out of ideas on how to style it to look pretty and be comfortable. Yes, even if you can simply wash and blow dry short hair and it might look nice, you get tired of this same old style and want to try something new. A good solution would be braids. The idea according to which they only look good on long or medium hair is completely wrong. In this article, we will show you how to braid your own short hair in some easy and creative ways.

It doesn’t matter if you have a pixie haircut or a short bob one. Braids look amazing anyway if done the right way. There are a lot of places for you to get inspiration from, from runways to red carpets and fashion magazines. Then there’s Instagram, the temple of ideas and creative interests that you can get inspiration from. Girls with short hair don’t have to sacrifice certain hairstyles because of this. There are ways for them to enjoy braids even if, in some instances, they might require a bit of practice. Here we go!

1. Braided crown

This is the kind of simple braid that works incredibly well on bob haircuts. It’s a chic upgrade for the classic half-up hairstyle that everyone knows. A braided crown is all you need in this case. Take three strands of hair from each side of the crown of your head. Braid them normally until they meet at the back of your head. Then, you can create a pretty shape out of the two braids or take some bobby pins and secure them in place, so that they look nice. You can also intertwine them so that they look like one single crown over your head.

2. Dutch Braid

This is the timeless hairstyle that works even on shorter hair. This is an elegant, almost next-level style which will certainly turn some heads and make you the star of the party. The voluminous braids are key here, and you need to use the same technique as above to create them. After normally braiding them, make them meet behind your head and secure them in place with bobby pins. Now, to create that messy look, carefully pull some strands out of the braids, making them looser. The entire updo will look effortless and cool in no time.

3. Braided Bangs

This is both a handy and trendy look that you can easily achieve even if you have short hair. It even works on pixie haircuts. You simply need to take your bangs and braid them the old-fashioned way. This will get them out of your face and will make you look very bohemian and cool. This is not a style for everyone, but you can surely try it, especially if you have short hair.

In Conclusion

So, what did you think about our guide on how to braid your short hair? Did these ideas help you in any way? Did you know about them? Show us your short hair braids down below!
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