If someone says that having bangs is not that important in the context of a hairstyle, they don’t know what they are talking about. On the contrary, bangs are an essential part of any haircut and hairstyle. They create a frame around your face and, in some cases, can play around with your features and reshape them to improve your overall look. Bangs can trick the eye to focus on your best features while hiding or minimizing the ones you are insecure about. However, you should know that there are quite a few different types of bangs and we will discuss them here today.

It’s extremely important to talk to your hairstylist and decide together what types of bangs would best suit your face. It doesn’t even matter how you call them, because some people prefer the term “fringe”. The only thing that matters is to know each type’s particularities and adapt them to your needs, hair type, and face. Some pretty bangs can change your look and attitude completely, that is why they are so important and need to be done right. Here is a short guide on some of the different types of bangs that you can try. Enjoy!

Side-Swept Bangs

This is probably the most popular type of bangs out there because most women wear them without even realizing it. When their hair grows, they simply place it on one side and wear it like this. However, side-swept bangs need to be textured and soft, and they should angle down toward the cheek. They are the perfect solution for square or rectangular faces, as they can soften up your look. They also work very well with round or heart-shaped faces because they slim them down. A few years ago, the side-swept bang were a huge trend which is now slowly starting to fade away. However, if this type of bangs suits you, wear them without regret! It’s not about trends, it’s about looking good!

Straight Bangs

Remember when you were a kid and your mother would always cut your hair in a straight line, especially your bangs? This is the same thing, but more fashionable. We didn’t like that when we were small, but we love this hairstyle now. How the times have changed! The straight bangs keep on growing in popularity, and more and more people wear them. However, this type of bang creates a harsh line on your face which might not look good on some people. You can soften the edge by point-cutting it. You can also curl the bangs and transform your look into a pin-up one.

Micro Bangs

British actress Emma Watson has managed to bring back the micro fringe and make it fashionable once more. These are very short bangs that only cover half of your forehead and look especially good with pixie haircuts. However, recently, they have been adapted to fit more hairstyles and lengths. It’s the trickiest type of fringe, but if you can pull it off it will look incredible and very edgy.

In Conclusion

So, what did you think about our short guide on the different types of bangs? Did you know about all of them? Are you going to try a particular type now? Show us down below!

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