There used to be a time when girls instantly complained about making the mistake of chopping off their locks. The reason being, short hairs offered limited hair styling options. However, the past five years have been all about pixie cuts, lobs, inverted or angled bobs. So gone are the days when women feared to show off their cropped hair.

Many celebrities are recently being seen on the red carpet, showcasing their short hairdos. Short hair is so much more manageable, absolutely stylish, and looks effortless in turn. They make you look young, fun, and fresh!

Whether opting for beachy waves, glam curls, or a tousled out-of-bed look, you need the right tools to curl your hair. So the first thing you need to do is invest in a good quality curling iron. Our experts have come up with the best options for you to take a look at the 7 Best Curling Irons That Are Easy To Handle For 2018. Choose and order the best one you like, because the outcome of your efforts that go into styling depend so much on the quality of the curling iron you use.

curly hair

The following tools are a must when it comes to curly hairdos:

  • Curling Iron (duh!)
  • Bobby Pins (To hold hair in place)
  • A Comb
  • Heat Protecting Spray
  • Hair Setting Spray

There are many methods to curl hair with a curling iron. Luckily, for women with short hair, it will only take 5 minutes to curl all the hair. Let’s walk through a step-by-step process of getting your curl game on!

Step 1

First, you need to comb your hair and get rid of any tangles. Easy peasy. Then, thoroughly spritz the heat protectant spray through hair. Many women skip this step and end up damaging their hair by exposing it to direct heat. It is always better to put the health of your hair first. So don’t forget this step.

Step 2

Next, take a comb and divide your hair into sections. You can take the needle-like part of the comb to do so. Brush each section once or twice to get rid of any tangles.

curly hair

Step 3

Bobs look amazing when curled with volume. So don’t forget to tease the middle part of your crown by using a comb. Set with a setting spray if you want a glam look.

Step 4

Start by taking small sections of the hair and one-by-one wrap each strand around the rod. Take as many sections as you like. You can start from the bottom of the crown while pinning up the rest of the hair in a bun. Or, you can go from left to right. Whichever way suits you. Keep each strand wrapped for 10 to 30 seconds depending on the kind of curl you want. If you hold the curl longer, it will come out to be more defined and long lasting. You can wrap your strand clock-wise or counter-clockwise. It depends on whether you want your curl outward or inward.

Step 5

Release and secure it with a bobby pin. Some people miss this step, which is okay if you are in a hurry or don’t want a very tight or well-defined curl. But doing so would create long-lasting curls.

curly hair

Step 6

One major thing to keep in mind when curling short hair is to start from the top of your head. If you need the bottoms rolled, then you can ditch this tip and start mid-way.

Finally, top it off with a setting spray, and you’re good to go!

Major Tip Alert: What most beauty bloggers do is that they separate the tight curls by lightly going through the curls with the backside of the comb. Lastly, they curl their already curled locks by twisting them around the fingers in that flirty motion (you know!). It hardly takes 2-3 more minutes, but it gives an off a comfortable laid-off vibe instead of being too prim and proper.

After your curls are all done, you can wear them in a side-swept layered bob, a middle parting-sleek look or accessorize with your favorite hair adornments. Latest hair color trends like balayage also offer more dimension to the hair.

Don’t forget to make the health of your hair a priority. Regularly give yourself a break from heat styling practices, and we cannot stress this enough; always choose a high-quality hair curling/straightening tool. Make it a routine to give your hair a protein treatment at least once a month. Your hairs deserve it.

We hope you like this article for the sake of all things curly!

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