If you have not heard about hygge hair yet, it is time to boost your knowledge! Warmer days are approaching fast and you surely need to also embrace sunnier days with a sunnier hair color. In case you wondered, hygge hair is not a hairstyle per se, but mostly a lifestyle you can embrace in your makeup and clothing as well. The hygge hair trend started last year and it is still going strong, with more and more loyalists and promoters. Today we will take a closer look at what hygge means and show you a few amazing colors to get inspired from!

What is Hygge?

Hygge is not a color, not like Pantone’s Greenery or Ultra Violet that is. Hygge is a concept we borrowed from the Danish culture and stands for a mood or an effect. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, hygge (pronounced something along the lines of hyu-gah), hygge represents “quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).” As we said, this is a lifestyle.

hygge hair antique gold

What Does Coziness Have to do with Hygge Hair?

Hygge hair appeared as some sort of a counter-measure to the latest crazy hair colors trends of our modern times. Forget about ultra-violets, metallic whites, sterling silvers, pearl-roses and everything that is trendy these days. Hygge hair means warm and buttery colors that seem to draw their strength from the awe-inspiring simple beauty of nature. Hygge hair is all about warm, inviting, feminine, and enveloping hues. It is some sort of return to innocence if you want. Think about soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blondes, and creamy oranges to get an idea of what hygge hair truly means.

hygge hair toasty brown

toasted honey hygge hair

Is There a Technique to Achieve Hygge Hair?

Hygge hair has little to do with the coloring technique. The best and most true-and-tested one to get hygge hair is the ombré coloring technique. However, since balayage is all the rage right now, you can easily imagine how well they two work together. If you imagine rich chocolate brown roots fading away and mixing with golden caramel, you can get an idea of why hygge is so popular right now. Some of the best hygge hair combos are chocolate brown, golden and toffee blonde, and auburn and deep cherries, hot caramel, roasted chestnuts, autumn leaves, and so on.

hygge hair autumn

However, hygge does not mean you have to get a color combination as you usually do with balayage. You can sport a monochrome hair color in a warm, cozy, velvety, sweet, and creamy hue without thinking about roots vs. ends, highlights, strands, and balayage or ombré techniques.

Some of the most revered hygge hair colors of this year are:

  • strawberry blonde melts;
  • brown and toasted honey highlights;
  • caramel mixed with wine/auburn strands;
  • sun-kissed browns in ombré;
  • creamy fiery red (you need a professional colorist for that, but it is worth every cent, as the color is made of dreams);
  • toasty bronze on dark natural hair;
  • butterscotch;
  • antique gold;
  • roasted peanuts on darker strands.

As others have said before us if the color looks like something you would like to drink in front of an open fireplace on a winter night or something to eat for comfort on a rainy day, that is hygge hair.

hygge hair brunette

Wrapping up…

Would you try hygge hair this year, or do you already wear your hair in a creamy hue? What are your favorite hygge colors and nuances for 2018?

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