What woman doesn’t love a nice session of pampering every now and then? A nice bubble bath paired with a scrub and finally, a few masks to make you feel like a queen. And what can be better and more relaxing than doing all of this in the comfort of your home? Yes, you heard that right. It’s even better when you have you own homemade masks to apply, all natural and fresh and sometimes even more efficient than those on the market. So, to help you, we have gathered some of the most interesting and easy to do diy eye mask ideas for you to try at home while doing your beauty rituals.

Those eye masks will surely help you with your under-eye problems that can vary from dryness to those dreadful under eye circles. It’s important to prevent and treat dark circles because they can evolve and turn into one of the most horrifying beauty nightmares. Sure, there’s always concealer to cover them up, but why wouldn’t you treat them first? Things like an improper diet, lack of sleep, stress and a bad skin routine can accentuate your under-eye problems. These diy recipes are inexpensive, easy to do and very, very effective. Here we go!

1.      The iconic cucumber eye mask

Say no more! This cucumber mask has become some kind of pop culture phenomenon. It appears on almost every TV show and movie and it’s probably one of the most famous homemade treatments ever. But there’s a reason why this is happening. This cucumber mask is very efficient because of the vegetable’s water and Vitamin K content. It treats dark circles by freshening up that area. You can either apply to cucumber slices directly on your eyes or you can make a paste. After that, you will need to dip two cotton pads into that paste and refrigerate them. They need to have ice on them. Take them out, place them on your eyes and sit there for about 20 to 25 minutes. Instant rejuvenation!

2.      Tomatoes are not only for ketchup

The tomato mask is one of the lesser known masks for under-eye problems. The substances in tomatoes are famous for their bleaching and soothing properties. They not only calm your skin but help fade away those annoying dark circles. The principle is the same. Make a paste out of a few slices of tomatoes than add two spoons of Vitamin E oil. Mix that up, soak a cotton pad in it and refrigerate. Then, apply your homemade eye mask.

3.      The strawberry eye-mask

The strawberry eye-mask is one of the most efficient homemade remedies for dark under-eye circles. They are rich in antioxidant, which makes those unbearable circles disappear almost in an instant. The Vitamin C also relaxes the skin. In order to make your mask take some fresh strawberries and blend them while adding a spoon of Vitamin E oil and some rose water. Take a cotton pad, soak it and refrigerate. Whenever you need to relax you only have to place this mask on your eyes.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our list of diy eye mask ideas to do at home? Did you know them all? Will you try them? Let us know if they are truly efficient on your skin!

Image source: pixabay