No matter whether you party hard in your twenties or you work endlessly in your forties, those bags under your eyes are nasty and you have to do something about them. Either it is stress, lack of sufficient sleep, allergies, colds, age, skin issues, lack of proper hydration/moisturizing, smoking, or a mix of all of the above, no woman likes her dark circles or puffy eyes. If you are always looking for new methods on how to get rid of bags under the eyes, we have some in the store for you right here! Of course, before we begin, we have to emphasize that lifestyle choices do matter, and overworking, smoking, stress, lack of sleeping, and allergies should all be tackled in the appropriate, mindful manner.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes: Short-Term Treatments

how to get rid of bags under eyes short term solutions

Did you just wake up and saw those horrific dark circles or puffy bags under your eyes? Let us see a few tricks on how to alleviate them with kitchen and pantry ingredients!

1. The Almighty Cucumber

This is probably the first idea you get when you get puffy eyes. Get two cold slices of cucumber and place them on your closed eyes, then relax for a good half an hour. Cucumber hydrates the skin around your eyes, while the low temperature has anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Potato Slices

Chilled potatoes have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect as well. Take two slices of chilled raw potato and place them over your closed eyes to cover your puffs as well. Sit and relax for 20-30 minutes. Coldness promotes vasoconstriction, which in turn offers some relief to your baggy eyes.

3. Tea Bags

Green tea is not only for detoxification and dieting sessions or for boosting your energy levels. The theanine in green tea and black tea (similar to the caffeine in coffee) contains powerful anti-oxidants and permits stronger blood flow to your skin. Green tea also protects your skin against UV rays and slows down the skin aging process. Steep two tea bags for five minutes, then cool them down in the fridge for 20 minutes. Squeeze them a little to remove the excess water, and then apply them to your closed eyes. Relax for up to half an hour and enjoy the results.

4. The Milky Way

One of the best lessons on how to get rid of bags under eyes is cold milk. Soak two cotton pads in chilled milk, squeeze a little to remove extra liquid and place them over your closed eyes – well covering the puffs. Besides the coldness, which will help with the inflammation, the milk will hydrate, moisturize and nourish your skin, feeding it the necessary substances it needs to regain its health and looks.

5. Egg White

If you have the time, stiffly beat up one or two egg whites until you get a nice cream. Apply the cream with a brush around your eyes, insisting on the dark circles and bags underneath. Leave it for 20 minutes, and then cleanse your face with cold water. The egg whites will constrict your skin, making it feel tighter. They will also nourish and hydrate the skin with the proper minerals, making it look less puffy.

How to Get Rid of Bags under Eyes: Long-Term Prevention

young woman drinking with waterglass

You can solve one random problem of puffy eyes with the tips and tricks mentioned above, but how do we prevent them from happening altogether? Here are some lifestyle choices that are good for your overall health and looks!

1. Drink Plenty of Water

It may sound a bit counterintuitive to drink plenty of water when you seem to retain plenty of water under your eyes, but proper hydration keeps your skin in great shape. 13 cups of fluids a day for men, and about 9 cups of fluids for women, per day, is the proper way to go about hydration. The good news is that all liquids add up to hydration – except for alcohol and caffeine drinks. In other words, you can drink plain water, sparkly lemon water, fruit-infused water, and all those great teas you love so much.

2. Remove Makeup Daily and Moisturize

Do not let a day pass without properly removing your makeup and controlling what substances penetrate your skin. The area around and under your eyes is particularly sensitive and you need to cleanse it correctly at the end of the day, not to mention caring for it with the proper moisturizer.

3. See Your Doctor

Some people seem to never get rid of bags under their eyes no matter how much they sleep, eat healthy, hydrate, moisturize, and exercise, and so on. If your bags under the eyes seem to be stuck there forever, it is time to discuss the situation with your physician. The dark circles may be a symptom of a bigger, more insidious problem you need to take care of.

Wrapping up…

Can you tell us more tips and tricks on how to get rid of bags under eyes? Do you use other methods? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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