Many people want to lose weight and become fitter, but they don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym after a full-time job. Nowadays, people have hectic schedules. This makes a great excuse for procrastinators. So, what is the best exercise for losing weight? Well, there’s no standard recipe. What works for some will not necessarily work for all of us. Here are the best exercises for your full body weight loss.

The Best Exercise for Losing Weight – Top 5 Options

6. Swimming

a young girl swimming

Swimming will not only help you lose weight, but it will also relax you. It is an enjoyable activity. In fact, all the exercises presented in this article are pleasant, and they don’t require working out like crazy. This sport has a low impact on your body, but it burns a lot of fats. You will consume no less than 653 calories in one hour. If you master several swimming strokes and types, your body will get the best exercise for losing weight. If you swim every day, you will soon see results without damaging your knees or ankles.

5. Cycling

a couple of people cycling on a mountain road

Cycling burns 508 calories per hour. Riding a bike is one of my favorite types of exercises. I love outdoors physical activities. You can enjoy a ride in the park without a lot of effort. Moreover, this is a great cardiovascular exercise, being also great fun. There are so many benefits when it comes to cycling. You will not even feel like you are working out.

4. Cardio Workouts & Aerobics

an aerobic workout in the gym

Aerobics helps you lose 399 calories per hour. It is a healthy and fun method to pump up your heart. Aerobics, as well as cardio workouts, will help you shed those extra pounds. You don’t have to stay in the gym for hours. You can even workout at home with the support of a virtual application or a sports DVD. 20 minutes of exercising a couple of times per week will be more than enough. Of course, you also need to pay attention to your diet.

3. Dancing

a couple dancing outside

This is the best exercise for losing weight for those of you who love music. It burns 254 calories per hour, and it is a fun and entertaining way to tone up your entire body. Dancing raises your heartbeat, helps you lose weight and relaxes your mind. You can make an entire playlist with songs you love to make sure you will never get bored. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of parties to go to. You can dance around the house.

2. Weight Training

a woman lifting weights

Weight training burns 363 calories in one hour. It is a short and intensive workout that has great long-lasting results. After your workout, you will still burn calories and build muscles for up to 48 hours, no matter what you do. The idea that women might look bulky if they lift weights is just a myth. The secret for a healthy and effective weight loss is the combination of a balanced diet and physical activity.

1. Jogging

two women jogging

Running is a full body workout, that burns 435 calories per hour. Another great aspect of jogging is that the only sports gear you will need are your running shoes. If you jog a couple of kilometers per day, your metabolic rate will improve, your endurance will increase, and your body will get toned up. On the other hand, make sure to run properly, because jogging might damage your knees.

Let’s Recap

All the above physical activities are great and fun when you want to lose those extra pounds. Choose the best exercise for losing weight that matches your needs and preferences. Even better is to alternate several types of working out. This way, you will not get bored, and your body will increase its endurance.

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