Sprint running is very popular among celebrities, being one of the most explosive workouts someone could do. This type of workout could help you build your abs and your legs while burning fat. Sprinters in competitions reached to have sculpted legs after months of training. Sprinting is targeting specific body parts, like abs, calves, quads, hamstrings, hips and butt.

Sprint running increases your metabolic rate, and it will help lose a lot of weight. If you prefer high-intensity reading, you should know that it will burn calories long after you finished your workout. Sprint running is the best way to get firm legs and butt without involving the use of resistant training. As a beginner, to make sure you are doing everything right, you should follow some easy steps to guide you through sprint running for beginners. For more beginner workouts, check out this article on casual commitment exercises.

In what follows, you will have a guide with a daily training schedule to follow.

Here are some useful tips for sprint running

Firstly, the first day of your workout is going to be the speed day. Every exercise you perform during this day you need to do it fast and push yourself to the limits. Jog a little to warm up and then so stretching. Now, you are ready to run. You will have to run 80 meters five times, having a 3-minute break in between.

After these five times, you should take a 10-minute break and then start a new series, running 70m for four times with a 3-minute rest in between. Then, you should run 3x60m and 2x20m with 3-minute breaks in between.

The next day is a gym day. You need to build up the strength for sprinting. You should exercise to improve the muscles of your core, shoulders, and legs.


Sprint running will help you build your muscles, sculpting your abs, legs and butt.

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The third day will help you enhance your stamina. You will run for 300m  two times. The important thing here is to run as fast as you can. Then, you need to rest enough until you feel like you can do it again.

The fourth day is the semi-speed day. During this day, you will use speed and endurance into your training. You will run the 100m dash and the 200m dash. Then, you will finish your workout with a 50m sprint.

Sprint running will help you burn calories a lose a lot of weight

Nevertheless, you would want to start with the 200m dash. You should run on this dash three times. Do not try to push yourself to the limit because you will most likely stop at 150m and you will be exhausted. Try to accelerate at 130m. Rest for 5-10 minutes in between. Next, you will run the 100m twice, pushing as hard as you can. You will finish of with a 50m dash. Afterward, you need to stretch your muscles.

On the fifth day, you will follow the schedule from the second day, namely gym day. The next two days will be rest days. You need to recover from all the effort during the week, and you have to prepare for the next week when you will start again on Monday.

Summing up, sprint running will help you stay in shape for a long period if you follow this easy workout routine that will build your muscles.