Ombre nail designs are absolutely stunning! They essentially turn your nails into paintings that tell stories filled with playful color combinations. Surely that must mean that they’re really difficult to make, right? Or, at most, you’d need to take out of your wallet quite a few bucks in order to get a perfect look at the salon. Wrong and wrong. You don’t need an expert’s mastery in order to get ombre nails, just their guidance and tutorials.

Find below a series of gorgeous designs that you can try at home, paired with video tutorials that take you step-by-step through the creation process.

6 Ombre Nail Designs That You Can Create at Home

#1 Sparkly Blues and White

Tutorial by Nail Career Education

Using several polishes in shades of blue, this tutorial is under ten minutes and it leads up to an absolutely jaw-dropping final result. The ombre is soft and fades from a darker blue to a subtle white which perfectly blends in with the rest of the colors. As for the sparkles, they’re the cherry on top of this cake that completes the perfect picture.

#2 Matte Black & Red Ombre Nails

By: HannahRoxNails

This video is even shorter, albeit because it doesn’t handhold you through the entire application process. But through this montage, you can see even better how easy it is to get this impactful matte look. Everything about this design is adjustable, starting with the colors and the choice to keep it glossy or turn it matte.

#3 Vibrant Summer

By: Gabby Morris

Perfect for summery vibes and cocktail parties, this look is killing it with the bright lime and blue combination. Aside from being a tutorial detailing how to get this particular design, it also guides beginners through the process of getting any ombre nail art in general.

#4 Soft Pastel Gradient

By: Hannah Weir

Might as well continue with the seasonal thematic we accidentally started. For spring, this soft and delicate pastel ombre is definitely going to make you feel the vibes and get people turning their heads after you. It religiously follows the method used by other designs, so if you’re trying out these designs in order, you’ll undoubtedly be a pro by the time you get to this one.

#5 Pink and White

By: SimpleNailArtDesigns

Yes, this look is simple and beautiful. However, the catch with this particular tutorial is that it uses acrylic paint. Thus, you get yet another method of achieving an ombre nail design.

#6 Glitter Fade

By: Raincoats and Coffee

Don’t limit yourself to color gradients. You can make some really impactful designs by using glitter and fading it into the rest of your nail coating. This is just one of the many tutorials which have their own takes on this particular look, so it’s a great place to start!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, ombre nail designs are awe-inducing and surprisingly easy to create all by yourself. All you will need is a faithful makeup brush, the ever-so-present common element found in all of these amazing tutorials.