Hair extensions are the best thing since sliced bread. As amazing as they are for a one-time application, the best hair extensions can even make you feel the need to never get them off ever again. Just think of how convenient everything is. You want long, flowing hair? Do you want it now? Sure, no problem! Did you get bored of it already? You can return to your shorter length in the blink of an eye and you don’t even need to worry about having to wait it out to grow again.

But there are still so many things you need to consider when you’re about to make a purchase of this sort. The extensions need to feel and look as natural as possible. After all, they are meant to be extensions of your own hair. Moreover, they have to be easy to apply, tricky to remove, resilient, and so many other things. Where do you even start looking? How about the list below?

The 4 Best Hair Extensions and Where to Get Them

#1 Bombay

With an impressive selection, the Bombay hair extensions have a range that goes from 18-inch clip-ins to 20-inch tape-ins. There are plenty of colors and filters that you can apply directly as you browse their online store. However, the definite best part is the fact that online shoppers also have the possibility to get a color match-up from a salon expert! Simply upload a picture that properly showcases the color of your hair and get recs for extensions that properly fit in.

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#2 The Halo

Those who haven’t tried extensions yet (but wish to) are likely held back by the fear regarding possible damage to their natural hair. For first-timers, Halo extensions are the best due to their damage-free nature. You attach the extensions to your head using an invisible wire, meaning that you don’t need to apply them directly to your hair.

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#3 Bellami Kylie Hair Couture

Kylie Jenner’s inspiration in the wide world of beauty doesn’t limit to her tips for lush lips and flawless makeup. For a while, she made everyone go crazy with her gorgeous teal ombre. The very same ombre inspired Bellami to release an entire hair extension line dedicated to achieving this incredible look.

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#4 Bouncy Curl

No, we won’t forget all of you ladies with gorgeous bouncy curls. Just as the name suggests, these extensions are a dedication for anyone wishing to add to their natural or styled curls. The best part is that these extensions are synthetic. In any other circumstance, this wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. But in this case, it just means that they won’t drop and they’ll withstand the passing of time throughout a day.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these were the best hair extensions in our humble opinions. Straight, curly, natural, synthetic, solid colored, or ombres – you will likely find anything that you need in one of the aforementioned brands. Go on ahead with steady confidence and make your hair irresistible.