Winged eyeliner isn’t just the bane of your existence, believe us. It’s almost as if it’s the biggest beauty hazard plaguing us today. No, it’s not that it’s harmful or unhealthy or anything, but it can cause some extreme cases of hot headedness. After all, isn’t it just the most awful thing ever when you spend ten minutes trying to get that flawless wing and then you mess it all up? It’s time consuming, it’s delicate, it’s risky – again, it’s the bane of all of our existence. Hopefully the following tutorials will make the job easier on you.

5 Simple Ways to Apply Winged Eyeliner Flawlessly

#1 How To: Winged Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners – Lashes Love & Leather

By: Melrae Segal

Getting that wing right can be a hassle even for veterans in the art of makeup. Imagine what it must be like for beginners! This tutorial is free of montages, speed-ups, video cosmetics, and even background music. There are no skips for when she spends entire minutes on the eyeliner, which is perfectly reflective of reality. In other words, this really is a tutorial specially designed for rookies.


By: SarahhBridget

If freestyling it just ain’t doing it for you, do not fret. There are several excellent tricks you can follow in order to get that perfect look. In this beginner tutorial, you will see the classic tape method put to action. It’s a really simple and surprisingly effective way of getting that seamless wing and angle without having to become a Picasso of makeup.

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#3 How to: Perfect Winged Eyeliner! (New Technique!)

By: Eimear McElheron

At the time the video came out, it really was a new technique. In the meantime, this method, known as the ‘connect the dots method,’ exploded and quickly picked up in the beauty community. Surely, it may not be for everyone, but you should definitely try it first. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up getting an unconventional ally that can save you some good minutes in the morning.

#4 Winged Eyeliner Tutorial | 6 Different Styles, ONE Stencil

By: Zabrena

Since there are so many people struggling to get that wing right, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that someone decided that they need to do something about it and save us. And, thus, the special six-style stencil appeared. This tutorial demonstrates the use of this rounded stencil and what all of the looks are like once drawn on.

#5 How To: Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes (Updated!)

By: Alissa Ashley

It is what it is. People with hooded (or droopy) eyes have it even worse than everyone else since the eyelid really gets in the way of winged eyeliner. Fortunately, there are tutorials like this one which tell you how to get the look regardless.

Wrapping Up

Stock up on tape, hit up eBay for that magical six-look stencil, or just practice your manual craftsmanship. The more we struggle to draw the perfect winged eyeliner, the more hacks and cheats appear to make life slightly easier for us, it seems.