Pin up hairstyles are, no matter what some people say, eternal. From the runway to the streets, this beautiful style will never lose its flavor. Even more can be said about pin up hairstyles that are coming back in full force now. And the rockabilly style, as it’s also called, it’s not only versatile but compliments almost every face shape and every kind of features and hair. This style simply refuses to age and makes waves every time a celebrity dares to adopt it on a red carpet. And because it can be very difficult to choose from this wide range of style, we have prepared a list of best Pin up hairstyles for long hair that you make and that will add a vintage glam to every outfit.

No matter your height, weight, type of hair or color of your skin, the Pin up style puts any woman in the spotlight. Paired with the right attitude can offer the woman wearing it the strength to conquer the world. It’s inspiring, the image of a strong and independent woman and will surely turn some heads. Ready to see some of the easiest to do and most beautiful Pin up hairstyles for long hair? Keep reading!

1.      Rosie the Riveter

Everyone knows Rosie the Riveter, that iconic and cultural phenomenon that marked most of the World War II. It represented all the women working in factories while their husbands were at war. Many of them even produced war supplies and munitions. Well, if you are into something extremely feminine but also carefree, the hairstyle of Rosie the Riveter is the best choice for you. You will need to create your elegant waves, put them in an up do and then, the finishing touch: a scarf tied around it that will offer it that Pin up vibe. It simply doesn’t get more retro than this.

2.      The Victory Rolls

Oh, this hairstyle! It’s perfect for long hair and it even works if you have bangs. The victory rolls are very easy to create as you only need to twist the sides of your hair and secure them in place on your head with bobby pins. Add some hairspray to make sure they will stay there and voila! This hairstyle is voluminous, has lots of texture and screams glamorous! This style is also perfect for a party, especially when paired with a classic red lipstick. So chic!

3.      The Dita Von Teese classic up do

There is probably nobody better at incorporating classic Pin up styles into her day to day wardrobe than Dita Von Teese. And her iconic classic up do is to die for! The Burlesque dancer is probably the best inspiration when it comes to those retro hairstyles and outfits. For this look you will simply need to create those elegant waves in your hair and then roll your bangs up and secure it in place. Pair this with a classic cat eye makeup look and red lips and you’ll have that retro glam in no time!

In conclusion

In conclusion, did these Pin up hairstyles for long hair inspire you? Will you try to replicate them for your next party? Do you think they’re old and dusty or find them glamorous and gorgeous? Tell us your opinion down below!

Image source: pixabay