It seems that curls are making a return this year and soon, you will see them bouncing away on every runway and red carpet. Actually, the curly do takes the top spot on the list of 2018 hair trends. So, while this retro do continues to amaze us, another similar hair treatment seems to be making a return: the perm. Yes, you read that right. Nobody ever thought that this would ever see the light of day ever again but here we are. What even more interesting? The modern perm looks incredible and will surely turn some heads. This is why we have prepared some modern perm styles for you to try out to stay on trend this year.

The perm was extremely popular during the ‘80s and the ‘90s and recently, we have seen it return thanks to some fearless celebrities who rocked this look on the red carpet. One thing is now certain: the curly do is the latest celebrity hair trend that you need to try yourself! It’s also important to know how to rock the “new wave”. This is why we have prepared some tips and tricks regarding the eternal perm hairstyle. Here we go!

Tips and tricks

The process through which a perm is created is fairly simple. Hairstylists apply the perming solution on the hair as well as the perming rods. Those can be thinner or thicker, depending on the size of the curls that the client wants. After letting the solution set, also depending on the style and texture of the hair, the hair needs to be rinsed. A second solution is then applied to keep the hair in shape. Finally, the rods are removed, and the hair rinsed very well.

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But how long does a perm actually last? Because despite its name, it is actually not that permanent. According to hairstylists, it can last from three to six months, depending on your hair and tightness of the curls. It’s important to know that your can rock the perm in any season and not only during summer time, as many think.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you know everything about the process of creating a perm, there are a few other things that are very important.

    • Firstly, you may want to get a haircut before having a perm done. Also, make sure that the hairstylist cuts your hair longer than you actually want it to look with the perm is done. Your future curls will need extra length to have that pretty bounce.
    • Secondly, you should avoid cutting your hair AFTER a perm. This will weaken, and in some cases, ruin the curls.
    • You should also make sure that your hair is in perfect condition before having your perm done. This is a chemical service after all which will dry out your hair. So, moisturize it beforehand.
    • Another thing that you should avoid by any means is to wash your hair immediately after your perm is done at the salon. You should keep yourself from doing this for at least 48 hours after, because it will have an uneven result.

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Wrapping it all up

So, what do you think about our modern perm styles and our tips and tricks? Are you brave enough to try at least one? Have you ever had a perm before? Tell us your opinions down below!

Image source: wikimedia