If you want to try a new look, you can choose one a wavy hair tutorial below. Now that summer is here, any girl wants wavy, nice curls when being out on a hot summer night or when going to the beach. Here you have some wavy hair suggestions which will help you have an amazing look.

How To Curl Your Hair!

by Dacey Cash

Use a hair tie to split your hair into two sections. Then, you can start doing your curls using a curling iron. Curl your hair outward to make sure it stays away from your face. After curling it, finger-comb your hair, and now you have an amazing look.


by Kaushal Beauty

Start by using a heat styling spray. Here, she recommends us to use Elnett Satin Heat Styling Spray before curling your hair to protect it from an eventual heat damage. Spray it on the length of your hair, especially on the ends. Next, use a hair tie to make a ponytail very high up.Make sure you do not have any bumps. Split your hair into two halves and clip one away.

Take strands from one of the sections and start curling them using a curling iron. Make sure the curl is compact and then use a hair clip to secure it. In this way, your curls will set. Use a hairspray to set your hair. Here we have the L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Boost It Hairspray. Take the clips out of your hair. You can use some hair oil or even more hair spray. Now, you have a fantastic wavy hair, with nice big curls.

How to CURL and WAVE hair using FLAT IRON hair straighteners by Corioliss

by Eleise

Before using the flat iron to curl your hair, use a heat protection spray. Clip the strand, twist the other way and repeat. You will have some nice beachy waves. Another way you can use your hair straightener to curl your hair is to wrap a strand of hair, take the straightener and then clip it there for a few seconds. What a nice curl!

The method called the corkscrew will teach you another method you could use to curl your strands. Take a hair strand, rotate round, 180 degrees. Get your hair in the straightener and then slide it down, still 180 degrees, all the way down. You will get a sort of modern wave.

How To Curl Short/Medium Hair With A Straightener

by Luxy Hair

This is perfect for women with medium length hair. Brush your tangles away from your hair. Then, split your hair, starting from the back, into two sections. Use a flat clip to keep one part of the hair away from the other. Section the hair into an upper section and a bottom one. Use your hair straightener grabbing a strand of hair and clip it diagonally. Then, wrap it around your hair and slide it down all the way. You will obtain a loose and nice curl.

Summing up, these tutorials will teach you how to curl your strands to obtain a wavy look. Make sure you follow the steps and enjoy your new look!