How many times have you felt limited in your choice of hairstyle or even haircut simply because your hair wasn’t long or thick enough? If that is your story as well, instead of waiting for it to grow, you can always go for clip in hair extensions. However, are there any cons to this solution? Read on and see. This is pros and cons of clip in hair extensions.

The Pros

  1. The most important thing about clip in hair extensions and what, probably, sets them apart from every other type is that you don’t need to go to your stylist to put them in. You can simply slip them on by yourself if you feel the need. In the same way, you can also take them off with your own two hands.
  2. If you don’t buy the cheap or fake kind and if you take care of them properly, they can last you for months. This, in the long run, means less money spent on your part.
  3. It’s incredibly easy to style clip in hair extensions because they resemble natural hair so much. In other words, you can spin them in a bun, use a curling iron on them and wash them just as you would wash your own hair.

The pros and cons of clip in hair extensions continue with the cons.

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The Cons

  1. Stay away from cheap clip in hair extensions! That’s not just a general remark. If they are cheap, the hair is, probably, dead. This means it comes from salons. It will matte after the first wash, and it will also become unusable. Therefore, money down the drain, as they say.
  2. Clip in hair extensions can lead to hair loss. It’s true that you can put them in yourself. However, if you don’t learn how to do that properly, you will cause yourself hair breakage. Apart from that, if the hair clips are too heavy and if you use them too much, you can literally end up pulling out your own hair in the process.
  3. They fall out incredibly easy. You need to understand that these are, after all, clip ons. The fact that they are so easy to install is a two-way street. They can just as easily come off, especially when you don’t need them too, like in public. In fact, it’s as easy as getting your hair stuck in something, like your coat, and they’re gone.
  4. Clip in hair extensions are visible. That happens especially if you already have thin hair. If it’s a windy day or if you attempt an intricate hairstyle, the clips will be visible from underneath the strands of hair or weave itself, and that will be a problem from an aesthetic point of view. Moving your hair to the side is really not an option with this type of clips.

Here is the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions list. As expected, they have both good sides and bad sides. They might be extremely easy to put in and take out, but they’re visible and can come off when you least expect it. What do you think of clip in hair extensions?