The nude makeup is a modern makeup look that becomes increasingly popular. As natural and simple as it appears, pulling off a nude makeup is not easy. We talked about some essential nude makeup kits not so long ago. We also mentioned a few tricks on how to achieve a no makeup makeup if you want to highlight your natural beauty in an elegant and sophisticated manner. However, you may understand and perform better some tips and tricks when professionals provide them for you. This is why today we gathered five professionals to teach us how to rock the nude makeup.

1. Everyday Glam Nude Makeup

Kyla Marie is our first pick of makeup artists who really rock the nude makeup. If you watch the video, you will be able to achieve a glamorous everyday makeup that goes with any outfit. Moreover, this look can take you everywhere from your office morning meetings to the evening cocktail parties as well. It is elegant, discrete, and sophisticated at the same time. In the video description, you will also find the list of products Kyla Marie uses to obtain this amazing look.

2. Nude Tone Makeup with Glossy Lids

In this natural makeup tutorial, professional makeup artist EMAN teaches you how to get a monochromatic makeup with nude brown tones and a bit of glam for a perfectly feminine look. The emphasis here is on the eyes and eyeshadow. If you watch it until the end, you will be pleasantly surprised, we promise. You can consult the list of products in the video’s description. Do not forget about concealer, highlighter, and, of course, lip-gloss!

3. All Nude Makeup Tutorial

Teni Panosian’s nude makeup tutorial is all you wanted from a monochromatic nude look tutorial. Besides the nude makeup techniques in the video, she also included a few tips and tricks about contour and highlighter as well. The value of this particular how to guide resides in the fact that Teni Panosian also included plenty of advice and tips on how to make your skin look perfect. As we all know, the first step in achieving a gorgeous natural makeup is, to begin with flawless skin. Moreover, she also presents the list of products in the video’s description.

4. Kylie Jenner Nude Makeup Tutorial

Makeup artist Melissa Flores felt inspired by Kylie Jenner’s nude makeup. She decided she wanted to replicate the look and teach us all how to achieve a red carpet-worthy nude look without much effort. Melissa’s video is an excellent tutorial because she explains the process in detail every step of the way, showing you what products she uses when she uses them. Of course, the makeup products list is available in the video’s description.

5. Bronze Gold Eyes with Nude and Brown Lips

Makeup professional Sayan Yildiz has a brilliant tutorial on nude makeup emphasizing on eyes and lips. You can consult the list of products she uses in the video description, but you should pay attention to her, as you will learn plenty of tips and tricks. This is a good guide if you were also looking for a natural makeup look for brown skin tutorial. The sophisticated, glamorous, and natural result you will achieve at the end will convince you to wear natural makeup all the time.

Putting the Makeup Mirror Aside…

… Tell us what other nude makeup tutorials you follow. Are there other makeup artists who helped you pull off the perfect no-makeup, makeup?

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