Pastel makeup looks are the most in right now, during springtime. Just thinking about those soft pinks, pretty lilacs, and all the other soft colors makes us eager to talk about our favorite pastel makeup looks right now. And what more suitable time of the year to wear them without fear than these fresh months of spring? Experts are saying that this year, pastels need to be paired up with a dewy, iridescent skin.

However, if you’ve never worn such colors on your eyelids, choosing a makeup look that you like can be difficult. Because we are well aware of this struggle, we have prepared three of the prettiest and easiest to replicate pastel makeup looks that you can try this spring. The first step would be to find a pallet that has pastel colors in it and start experimenting. Draw some inspiration from various sources and find out what you like best and what suits your eye shape and color. Then everything will be much easier, and you might just start loving pastels if you didn’t already. Here we go!

1.      Three-color combination

This look combines three seemingly opposed colors into an incredible mix that will surely draw some attention this Spring. Start off with a soft lilac color in your crease and continue with it on the outer half of your lower lash line too. Fill the rest of your upper eyelid with a pretty orange color and blend the two shades very well using a blending brush. Return to the lower lash line and complete it with a soft turquoise shade. Before applying a few coats of mascara, get a purple eyeliner and draw a fine line right above your upper eyelid, for extra definition. Effective, right?

2.      Pastel cat-eye

This second look goes on the same principle of combining pastel shades of light blue and baby pink into a cheeky and pretty blend. Use a pale orange as a transition shade on your crease and be careful to blend the colors together very well. This is the secret here, blend, blend, blend! Apply a pastel green on your inner corner and finish the look by drawing a classic, black eyeliner wing. Leave your lower lash line naked and apply some false lashes instead. Pretty, isn’t it?

3.      Warm pastel tones

Finally, this final look is based on a combination of warm pastel tones of red, orange, brown, and even yellow. Define your crease using an orange-brown or a pastel orange color. Fill in the rest of your upper eyelid with a pastel red or soft pink eyeshadow color. Don’t be afraid to go bold and extend the colors towards your temples. Apply the same shade of pink or pastel red on the lower eyelid too. Finally, using a white eye pencil, carefully draw a line on your waterline. This will open your eyes and offer a fresh look. Apply just one coat of mascara and leave the rest of your look bare. Nothing says fresh more than this look!

Wrapping it all up

So, did you like our pastel makeup look for this spring? Are you going to replicate them? If yes, show us your results in the comment section down below!

Image source: flickr