Polka dot manicures represent popular nail dot designs. If you know how to use dotting tools and you like dot designs, then you should take a look at the tutorials below to get more nail dot designs ideas from experts.

♥ Cute N Easy ♥ Polka Dot Manicures ♥

Jenny Claire Fox

For the first manicure, apply your base coat and a white nail polish on all your nails. Put the nail polishes you like the most on a small dish and use your dotting tool to choose whatever color you prefer. Design the dots only at the tip of your nails. Feel free to change the color from nail to nail to obtain a playful look.

The next manicure is a contrasting one, with white and black nail polish. Paint all your nails using white nail polish, except the ring finger where you will be applying your black nail polish. Use the dotting tool to design little black dots on your white nail polish, trying to create a fading effect. The secret is to start from the tip of your nail towards the middle. On the black nail, you can make small white dots.

The third manicure involves many colors. Paint your nails in a light color, like a light blue or light pink. Then, grab as many colors of nail polish as you’d like and use the dotting tool to make the dots in layers. The colorful dots may overlap. Do not forget to apply your top coat.

Gradient Polka Dot Nails


The manicure is a gradient polka nail design. Start by applying your base coat. Then, apply a light pink nail polish on all your nails. You can choose whatever color you’d like as long is a light shade. Dip your dotting tool in black nail polish and create a thin line at the tip of your nails, as if you are doing a French manicure. Then, start moving up, designing big dots. You should also use a dotting tool with a narrower tip to also design small dots.

Polka Dots & Stripes Nails | FUN DIY Short Nail Art Tutorial

Robin Moses Nail Art

This is a fantastic manicure, but make sure you have the patience you need to do it. You will need vanilla and chocolate nail polish. Try to apply both colors on your nail in different ways to not repeat the pattern. You can apply them diagonally or one above the other. Start to design stripes using a thin brush. Choose three different light colors for the stripes. Apply all three colors, creating really thin stripes.

You can design stripes on the nails of one hand and then polka dots on the nails of the other hand. Also, you may try to alternate dots and stripes from one nail to the other. Make sure the colorful dots and stripes remain on the chocolate nail polish. In the end, apply your top coat, and you are ready.

Wrapping up

These incredible nail dot designs will help you have spectacular manicures, alternating colorful dots or even black and white ones. Make sure you purchase all sizes of dotting tools to be able to design smaller and bigger dots. Never forget about using a base coat and a top coat.

Image Source: Ayesha Blog