Every woman has tried at least once to learn how to do cat eye makeup and most likely all of us had failed in the begging since mastering an eye liner brush is not easy at all. Drawing that perfect cat eye with your eye liner is art and may require a lot of experience. You have to fail a few times to finally be able to draw the perfect winged black line you want.

Matte Cat Eye Tutorial

An Knook

This cat eye makeup is so elegant and feminine that you will look like a star! Start by applying a lid primer. Next, apply a white eye shadow shade underneath your eyebrow. Use a fluffy brush to apply a golden eye shadow and blend it into your crease. Then, grab a light orange shade and apply it over the golden eye shadow, blending it in back and forth in your crease.

If you want to obtain a flawless eye makeup, make sure you purchase some shadow shields and stick them near your eye. In this way, you will prevent the product to fall on your cheek. Next, pick up an orange shade and do the same thing as before, thoroughly blending it in your crease. Concentrate the color towards the outer ‘V’ of the eye.

Grab a brown eye shadow and apply it on your outer ‘V,’ blending the color really well. Use the white eye shadow to apply it on the inner part of your eye to give it a pop effect. Pick up the golden eye shadow again and apply it at the beginning of the inner part of your eye. Go for the orangy shade again and apply it on the middle part of your eye lid.

Next, choose a pinkish eye shadow and apply it towards the outer ‘V.’ Remove the shadow shields and apply your black eye liner. Then apply your false eyelashes, and you are ready to go. You will have a spectacular look!

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup

Karima McKimmie

Start by applying a flesh base from the brow to your lash line. Place some sticky tape underneath your eye lid to obtain a perfect eye makeup. Start by applying a black eye liner, creating a thin line and going all the way to your tear duct. Then, build the line up to create a fierce cat eye. Grab a black eye shadow and trace the black eyeliner.

Peel off the tape and use the black eyeshadow to the trace the line of your lower eye lid. Use a liquid eye liner to extend it past your tear duct to obtain an exquisite look. Next, grab a light beige eye shadow and dust it from the crease to the brow, thoroughly blending it to get a cut crease. Grab the black eye shadow again to cut the crease using a thin eye shadow brush.

You need to sketch a soft line a fraction higher than your natural socket. When you reach the outer corner, sweep the cut crease a second line that is parallel your wing. Use a medium brown eye shadow and a fluffy brush to diffuse the cut crease. Pick up a peachy shade and dust around the edges. Apply your mascara and then your false eye lashes. You will look like a 60s beauty queen!

Gathering our brushes

Now it may not look so difficult to create a cat eye makeup, but you will need a lot of patience to obtain a flawless wing and cat eye. Make sure you clean your eye makeup mistakes with some concealer to make it look even sharper and more dramatic!

Image Source: Beauty Epic