It doesn’t matter what some people say. Nail art in all of its shapes and sizes is not dead. On the contrary, it is still a strong art manifestation, the same way makeup and fashion is. Just look up the #nailart hashtag on Instagram and you will immediately know what we are talking about. The platform is full of complex nail art models that uses every possible color combined with every possible texture and design. Moreover, designers still use nail art to complete their runway collections. This was also the case at the New York Fashion Week where they revealed some of the most interesting nail trends that we will surely see in the upcoming seasons.

However, we need to clear something out. None of us mere mortals have the tools and skills necessary to pull off some of those amazing nail art trends. Thankfully, if you are like us, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided to put together a list of some easy nail art designs for beginners which you can totally replicate at home following the tutorials we’ve also included in this article. What are you waiting for? Here we go!

1.      Geometrical diagonals

This nail design is very easy to do while looking very intricate and complex too. You can use any colors you like for the base and you can add some glittery or metallic accents on the corner of the nail, to make that diagonal even more striking. It’s nice that you can either freehand this design or you can use some thin tape to make sure it’s perfect in the end. You can play around with this one. This is why we’ve attached an easy YouTube tutorial to give you an impression of what you need to do.

2.      Metallic French manicure

Remember that classic French manicure that every woman requests at the nail salon? Forget it’s simple nature and add a twist to make it shine. For this, you can use any kind of base you want, including translucent nail polish or that basic nude one. The tip of the nail, which usually is milky-white, will now be a metallic shade. You can either choose gold, silver or even copper. Moreover, if you feel bold enough, you can try to replicate this tutorial which adds metallic drips at the top on the nails.

3.      Sneaky snake skin nails

Oh, the snake skin pattern! We all love it on bags, shoes, even on clothes sometimes. So, why not put it on nails too? Especially when it’s so easy to do! Use a nude base color than paint over a piece of loofah to create that pattern. You will create a replica of snake skin scales that will surely impress everyone around! Here’s a video tutorial to make things easier for you!

4.      Polka dot fever

Finally, we couldn’t forget the eternal and lovable polka dot nails! They are pretty, easy to do and immediately change your mood. Use any base color you want and be careful to make the dots in a contrast one. You want them to pop out, right? You don’t have a fancy dot-painting tool? Worry not! Here’s a trick: use the longer end of a bobby pin to do it.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our list of easy nail art designs for beginners? Did the tutorials help you? Let us know in the comments below!

Image source: pexels