Sew in hair extensions are the type of weaves that you apply alongside your natural hair that has already been braided. The name is quite descriptive with this weave, and it stems from that fact that you need to literally sew them in with a needle and thread. Although it sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry. We’ve done some research and found some YouTube channels that will definitely help you. Therefore, today you will learn how to sew in hair extensions from these three beauty vloggers.

1. Le Dutches

This tutorial is a little over six minutes and as comprehensive as they get. They show you how to work African American hair if you want to install these marvelous sew in hair extensions. All you need to do is start from scratch by braiding your hair in its entirety. You can go for cornrows or the classic three-strand braid. The idea here is to keep them as neat and parallel as possible.

Also, bear in mind that, for the sew in to work, you also need to braid them vertically from the crown of your head down to the nape of your neck. After that, all there is left to be done is to actually sew in the weaves themselves, using a large and curved needle and some special thread.

If you want to see more of Le Dutches, you can find them on their amazing Insta account. We’re already in love!

2. Freedom Couture Hair

Learning how to sew in hair extensions is not for African American women only. We have also found a great tutorial for Caucasian girls from the awesome ladies at Freedom Couture Hair. They make it even easier by not braiding all the hair at once. They simply take it one step at a time. In other words, they braid the hair in segments, and once one is done, they sew in the weave to that one and so on until they cover the whole head.

The amazing technique seems so relaxed and fun that we simply cannot wait to try it out ourselves! For more from Freedom Couture Hair, visit their website as soon as possible.

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3. Freedom Styles

We positively loved this hair tutorial for one simple reason. It’s just so thorough and exhaustive that it answered all the questions we ever had about sew in extensions. They start off by braiding all the hair as closely and tightly as possible to the scalp. Then the stylist covers everything up with a hair net which she then sews in.

Over the hair net and onto the braids she proceeds to sew in the hair weaves as well, one by one, layering them as she goes, until she gets a full head of hair that looks completely natural and organic. Wow! We are truly impressed with the results. Find Freedom Styles on Instagram.

After watching these three tutorials, we can truly say that we have learned how to sew in hair extensions. What about you? Are you a step closer to becoming acquainted with this weave hairstyle and getting it for yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.