Herbalife nutrition is what all the big weight loss gurus are all about nowadays. It’s a multi-millionaire company’s golden product, having managed to reel in big sports personas to attest for its effectiveness. But how much of it is just clever marketing and how much is actually genuine usefulness? Today, we’ll try to dive to the bottom of this barrel and discover the truth – all of it.

Herbalife Nutrition: Introduction

What is Herbalife?

A corporation which specializes in supplements destined for weight loss and general nutrient intakes. Herbalife has been actively working in this field since the 80s, so it goes without saying that they’ve managed to attain quite the reputation and trust factor.

They have all kinds of products, but the ones that most first-timers cross paths with are Formulas 1, 2, 3, and the Herbal Tea Concentrate. All of them make up what you could call “the starter pack.”

Herbalife’s Pros and Cons

Here’s when you can tell that there’s something slightly wrong about this nutritional plan. We can’t really find any pros. What would classify as a benefit? The fact that it helps you lose weight? If that’s all you care about, then, sure – it’s probably your dream product. But it doesn’t even do the weight loss bit right. You’ll see what we mean.

After browsing through a bunch of customer reviews, it’s safe to say that there is a consensus of complaints on the following:

  • Price;
  • Taste;

Price. Many argue that Herbalife is a “killer of bank accounts.” The Herbalife price isn’t its most attractive feature, with customers having to spend around $95 on a monthly basis just for the starter package. This becomes even more absurd when considering the ingredients.

Taste. This largely depends on personal preference, but there isn’t a ton of people who enjoy Herbalife’s taste.

Ingredients. Although it’s last, it’s not the least. In fact, it’s the biggest issue, as pointed out by many Herbalife reviews. See what we mean in this specifically-designed section from below.

The Problem with Ingredients

Herbalife’s products, especially Herbalife Formula 1, which is the one we’re taking as a comparative token because of its “starter value,” are riddled with artificial flavors. We could go into the technical and explanatory details of breaking each one down, but just the fact that Herbalife’s website doesn’t list them should be enough of a hint that even they acknowledge it’s a problem.

Some of its most worrying ingredients are soy, high sodium levels, and high sugar levels. Soy can be the cause of many grave health afflictions, such as breast cancer, brain damage, and kidney stones. Herbalife has many employees, so a lot of the profit from these astoundingly high prices goes in their pockets rather than into high-quality ingredients.

Conclusion: Does Herbalife Work?

Yes and… no.

For some, Herbalife’s products are their last resort. After a lifetime of junk food and alcohol binging, they clean up their diet and Herbalife just happens… to be there. This is less its credit and more the effect of a newly-balanced regime.

Others claim that it’s 100% the merit of Herbalife, although the big issue is that their products drain from general mass (fat AND muscle) rather than just fat. No matter how you look at it, Herbalife nutrition really doesn’t seem like the way to go.