When it comes to manicures, trends and styles are always changing. If you want to be a trendsetter, you must always keep track of these changes and adjust your nails accordingly. The new hot trend is gold nail polish which adds that extra sparkle to your manicure. Its bling effect matches any outfit, and it can be applied on top of almost any color. Here are some great creative gold nail polish ideas.

The Best Gold Nail Polish Ideas to Consider for Your Manicure

a modern french manicure with gold nail polish and blue tips

#1. Glitter Ombre Nails

This is a glossy manicure style that suits both long and short nails. It is a great option for an evening in the city or a fancy dinner at an elegant restaurant. First, you must apply a clear base coat to prepare your nails for the gold nail polish. Then, apply silver nail polish only on half of your nails starting from their bottom part. For the other half, use a gold nail polish. To complete this ombre look, apply glitter on both areas of each nail. You can also add gems for that extra touch.

#2. Black & Gold Nails

For this manicure, you will need two polishes: one gold with glitter, and the other one black. Apply two coats of black polish to create the proper background. To dry it off quicker, you should put your fingers in ice water. Once the water dries off, your polish will be intact and ready for the next step. Make sure to clean up all the messy edges before applying the gold nail polish. Apply glitter on your nails. Covering their entire surface. Then, repeat this step once more, but this time cover only the bottom half of your nails. This way, you will obtain an ombre effect.

#3. Neon Vintage Art-Deco Inspired Nails

Neon nails are fabulous, and they will make you stand out in the crowd. I recommend you to opt for a golden shade, but you can use any color you like, as long as it has a neon effect. Start by applying the base coat two times, before applying additional things such as bling and gems. Yellow or gold neon colors are a great choice to build up the background of your manicure. Use a good glue to add nail decorations. A great idea is to mix black and gold rhinestones.

#4. Golden Globes Inspired Nails

Do you remember Zoey Deschanel’s manicure at the Golden Globes? I will teach you how to create something similar and obtain that old and classy Hollywoodian look. Apply a base coat of gold nail polish on all your nails. Use a thin and sharp tool to create an old-school filming camera. For this, you will need black polish. First, draw a square and fill it with the black polish. Then, connect two smaller circles to this main shape, placing them above the square. Finally, you should create the front of the camera, which requires a small black triangle on the left side of the square.

Final Words

From all the manicure trends out there, gold nail polish ideas and metallic shades are the most appreciated ones. It is something exciting about wearing a golden manicure. It is easily visible, and it makes you stand out in the crowd, differentiating your style from that of other women. Try our recommendations and tell us how they worked for you.

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