There are a lot of diets out there that you can follow to lose some of that extra weight fast. However, it’s not guaranteed that you won’t put the pounds back on, right after the diet is done. This is the biggest problem that people who want to lose weight struggle with nowadays. Countless strict diets work, but only temporarily. And this is not what we should be looking for. Expert dietitian Julie Upton from Appetite for Health knows exactly what people should do to shed those extra pounds and never put them back on again. She has offered her dietitian tips for weight loss which you need to follow if you want a slim body this summer, and healthy life.

It’s important to be aware of the fact that there are a few simple steps that are crucial when it comes to losing weight. Apart from the obvious eating and drinking, you should pay extra attention to things like how much you sleep, how often you weigh yourself, and many other factors. So, here are some of the most interesting dietitian tips for weight loss that you need to know about. Enjoy!

1.      Sleep more, lose more pounds!

If you think that sleeping means being inactive and therefore not losing pounds, you are wrong. Sleeping is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. The idea here is that people who don’t sleep enough at night have a hard time shedding pounds and in time, gain more weight than those who get enough sleep. The explanation is simple. When you don’t sleep, your hunger hormones become active and trigger the need to eat unhealthy food a lot more frequently. So, don’t skip sleep because you just might regret it!

2.      Weigh yourself regularly!

Keeping track of how much weight you lost or gained will make you have much better control over your diet. This is opposed to the common belief that weighing yourself frequently is a bad thing. It does not make you depressive. It also doesn’t make you develop an eating disorder because of what you see on the scale. The numbers on the scale should actually motivate people and get them excited to dive into their diet like never before.

3.      Change your lifestyle!

This is probably the most important advice that you can get. Diets only work temporarily, but a completely changed lifestyle will make you a healthier and slimmer person in the long run. Not everyone can do it, but it’s important to find that switch and turn it on. A healthy and active lifestyle is what everyone needs to focus on, as opposed to strict diets that are only effective a few weeks. According to studies, even these people slip sometimes. However, because their switch is turned on, they can quickly go back on track with their healthy lifestyle. This will never happen with someone who is on a diet.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about these dietitian tips for weight loss from Julie Upton? Did they help you in any way? Will you try to live a healthier lifestyle from now on? Tell us down below!

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