There are a lot of different hairstyles that you can adopt and wear for various occasions, whether formal or less so. One very important accessory for any kind of event is a headband. It’s easy to wear, versatile, and will completely transform any hairstyle. You also don’t need a lot of elements to achieve such looks, apart from the headband, or even a ribbon or scarf, and a few bobby pins. In this article, we will show you some cute hairstyles with headbands that you can recreate and a few useful tips on how to make them.

A while ago, headband hairstyles were mostly considered suitable for children. However, times have changed, and anyone can now wear them. There are a very large variety of headbands on the market right now, and some of them even can conceal certain aspects of your hair. For example, sparkly headbands can hide greasy hair. There are also knotted or twisted headbands which are perfect for festival goers or in the summer, on the beach. Those ribbon-like headbands work perfectly for more sophisticated events, like weddings or anniversaries. Here are some of the cutest hairstyles with headbands out there. Enjoy!

1. The laid-back look

This is probably one of the most relaxed and simple looks that you can achieve with a headband. You will first need to have either a knotted or twisted one. If not, a scarf works very well too, just be careful to secure it with bobby pins. Create beachy waves in your hair using a curler or rollers. Use some hairspray to keep them in place and then, put your headband over your forehead. This is a very boho chic style that can work incredibly well for everyday tasks. It also looks good whether you have long, middle-length, or even shorter hair.

2. Comfortable with your hair up

This second hairstyle is a variation of the first, in the sense that the base is the same. Take your knotted, twisted, or scarf-like headband and some bobby pins. However, this time, you will have to put your hair up completely. Try to make your bun as messy as possible, because this is the essence of this look. It needs to seem effortless and cool. Put the headband over your forehead and secure it with some bobby pins, if it’s the case. Leave some rebel strands of hair to frame your face so that your look is even more laid-back.

3. The formal look

This final look is the most formal one and requires you to have one of those delicate, floral headbands. You can braid your hair on one side and then put the headband on your head, like a crown. Be careful to conceal that back part of it with your hair by twisting it around it. Leave your bangs or some strands of hair outside to complete the look and frame your face. Add a ribbon to the end of your braid and you’re ready.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about these cute hairstyles with headbands? Are you going to try and recreate them? Do they seem versatile? Tell us what you think down below!
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