A ballet barre workout routine could help you get rid of your extra pounds. You will regain your body shape with minimum effort. Let’s take a look at some experts who will show you some simple ballet barre exercises that could help you stay healthy.

Easy Ballet Barre Workout | Kathryn Morgan

by Kathryn Morgan

If you do not have a barre, use a chair or couch for support. First, you need to warm up. Place your hands on the barre and pay attention to how you position your feet. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body, keeping your back straight. Repeat this exercise several times. Then, use your hands, lifting them above the head, one at a time.

Classic mini Ballet Barre Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

by Lazy Dancer Tips

Start with A-walks for warm up. Then, repeat the A-walks while also rotating your head. Keep your hands on the chair this whole time. Next, continue with A-walks but also add plies. If you have never taken ballet lessons before, do not worry. Start with these easy moves and do it slowly to make sure you do not injure your ankles or ligaments.

Continue with plies just like in the video above. Make three plies and then roll up. From the back to the side, to the front and then roll up and back to first. Now, make two plies. Repeat in second and then in the fifth position. Recover to the first position and bend your arms above the head, one at a time.

Classical Ballet Barre FULL Workout with Estelle Shaw


by AthlethicCulture

First, you need to think of the area bellow your belly which goes under your bottom area to be the soil, the area of great strength. Your feet are the roots, and your upper body is the flower. The “roots” are reaching for the floor, spreading in every direction. Your arms need to reach up high. These tips will help you have a great posture.

Do some plies while moving one of your arms and the other is supported by the barre. Flex your knees after you cross your legs like in this video above. Move your arm as wide as possible, then switch the hands on the barre. Come into the fifth position and repeat.

Rest your hand on the barre while the other arm moves, making a demi-plie. Your loose arm will go up and side to side. Bend over but do not let your bottom go back or your legs go behind you. Recover and bend your knees only half way.

Adult Ballet Barre

by Ballerinas By Night

First, you should do some easy plies to warm up. Then, quickly move your leg to the back and the front, as you can see at 6:04 in the video above. Keep you back straight and rest one hand on the barre.

Summing up, all these easy ballet barre exercises can help you work out your lower body while also helps you maintain your posture. You will learn how to move your arms and legs, looking as you are as light as a feather.