It’s over halfway through the year (yikes!), and I don’t know about you, but I have definitely lost some enthusiasm for my fitness goals. All those long-term benefits I got on board for suddenly feel very far out of reach, and it’s a normal experience. The trick, however, is to stop those doubts, dodge the lure of giving in, and keep pushing through.


For me, the best weapon to use is my workouts themselves. With a few strategic tweaks, you can boost each fitness session not only to keep you moving toward those long-term results but help you find fulfillment right here in the present.


Your Tired Routine

Often the path to weight loss starts out exciting and new, but the longer you go on, the more you feel weighed down. Sticking to strict routines can make exercise repetitive and boring. Suddenly, fitness sounds more like a chore than a conduit to results, and when that happens, most of us would rather use our time doing something that can capture our interest.

When you hit this wall, it’s time to make a change. But you’re not kicking off your gym shoes just to lounge on the couch; now is the time to check out some activities that are different from your regular fitness sessions.

So take a look at the different classes offered at your gym and choose one that sounds intriguing. You may not even want to stick to the gym but would rather get outside or try out a more social activity like rock climbing or hiking.

It can definitely be nerve-wracking to think about trying something new, too, so don’t think you have to dive in head first. Sneak a peek at the class beforehand so you can feel comfortable going for your first time.

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Exercises that are Stopping You

The culprit for your loss of motivation may not be a repetitive routine, but it could certainly have something to do with those one or two movements that you detest doing. You might have heard a mentor say at one time that it’s best to get your least favorite part of a task done first, so it’s out of the way, but this can deter you from getting the rest of your tasks done instead.

Don’t force yourself to face those unwelcome exercises head-on at every workout because you just might find yourself driving past the gym altogether. Try to keep yourself psyched up for the beginning of your workout. By starting with exercises that you enjoy, you’ll be able to get yourself moving, then when it’s time for your least favorite part, you’re already up and moving, making it easier to get it started and get it done.

You can also rearrange the pieces of your workouts to keep things interesting because even doing your favorite part first won’t keep you motivated forever (but if it does, we won’t complain!).


Alone with Your Own Thoughts

You may love to workout alone so you can work hard and get those gains, but it’s also easy to get stuck in your head when the only person there to motivate you, critique you, and praise you…is you. Whether you’re experiencing some doubts about your abilities or just can’t figure out why you’ve stopped progressing, it’s time to team up with one or more someones.

Inviting a friend to take part in your workouts can help bolster your self-confidence and competitive nature, increasing your progress beyond what you can achieve alone. And if you’re taking turns spotting one another, you’ll end up giving your muscles a better rest between sets, so they’re ready to handle more when it’s your turn again.

While friends can make your sessions more fun, they might get a bit too distracting, making your workout worse instead of better. If your friends are just too entertaining, look at enlisting a personal trainer for a few sessions. If a one-on-one session feels like too much attention and too much money, get together with a workout buddy or two to share the load.


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Your Motivation

In the end, it all comes down to one question: what motivates you? You may want to lose weight, tone up, or increase your endurance, but those faraway goals look much less shiny when you’re tired and miserable right now.

Do whatever it takes to keep yourself moving forward. Rewarding yourself is actually a brilliant way to keep yourself going for the short-term, and you can use those rewards to your advantage. Instead of rewards that will be detrimental to the results you’ve already achieved, like a few extra rest days or a big cheat meal, tailor those payoffs to put you one more step ahead, like buying new workout clothes or getting a new blender for your smoothies.

Motivation doesn’t have to be after-the-fact either. Make your workouts a full experience by diffusing essential oils during warm ups and cool downs or adding a few drops to your water bottle. And don’t forget to make the most of your time by singing along to your favorite playlist or bingeing your favorite TV series.

These in-the-moment rewards can do more than just get you through a session; you may find that you can lift more and run farther when you’re not focused on how tired your muscles are or how hard you’re breathing.


On & Off the Treadmill

While I’ve focused here on boosting your results during workouts, there is so much you can do outside of the gym to achieve your goals, whether taking care of your body with a nutritious diet or spending time away from your daily stresses. So do what you can!

What other things help you to stay motivated and make the most of your fitness sessions?


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