Everything about fall makes it my favorite time of year, and Halloween is no exception. I love all the fun of dressing up, creating the perfect costume and rocking a funny and unique look at every party. Any holiday that combines crafting and candy is bound to be my favorite, add that crisp fall weather, and a cup of hot apple cider and I am on cloud nine. The one thing I’ve always struggled with though is how to carry my awesome costume design all the way to my makeup. I am no makeup expert, and I thought it would be impossible for me to find a look I can pull off that’s really show-stopping. It turns out, I was totally wrong. These five makeup looks are both simple and timeless, and they will be unforgettable. Try them out today, and watch jaws drop when you tell people you’re just a makeup novice.

Sunny Scarecrow Look

This simple DIY costume is easy to pull off, all the way down to the makeup look. Marie over at The Joy of Fashion paired flannel, denim, and boots with an easy makeup look. All you need to complete this look is a black eyeliner pencil to draw out the scarecrow lines on your nose and mouth. Outline the bottom of your eyes and add a little orange eyeshadow to the tip of your nose to add an extra touch. Get the full tutorial here.

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Creative Graffiti Look

If you’ve ever had the urge to experiment with all your makeup in the craziest of ways, then this costume is for you! No matter what your makeup skills are, this is easy to pull off and you’re guaranteed to create a unique look. Lucy Garland explains how to make yourself a graffiti masterpiece in this video. You simply use a white foundation and setting powder, then with blush and bright eyeshadows shade out your face. Then she uses a $13 palette and some cheap brushes to draw graffiti designs all over her face. It’s a really cool look, and it doesn’t even take long to master. Plus, it capitalizes on a random look that doesn’t take insane makeup skills to master.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Shimmering Mermaid

All things mermaid are popular right now, and this DIY Halloween makeup look is no exception. You can even create a whole DIY costume with this look using a maxi skirt or bikini top. In the video, the makeup artist gives herself purple eyebrows using a purple pencil and eyeshadow to set the color. She highlights her brow bone with a green shadow, with teal and pink shadow on her eyelid. You might think creating the scales would be the trickiest part of this look, but it’s actually super simple when you use fishnet stockings to create the pattern. Check out this video for more tips and tricks.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Ventriloquist Dummy

If you can’t tell, I am not exactly a fan of guts and gore when it comes to a great Halloween costume. Plus, when it comes to a great DIY look, I think the beauty of it is in the simplicity. You’re only going to dress up once, so there’s no point in investing tons and time and money into your look when it’s possible to make a fantastic costume with a little creativity. This ventriloquist makeup capitalizes on precisely this idea. You can pain this makeup with pretty much any dress, and voila, complete costume! Just paint your eyebrows a nice, bright pink with a pencil, give yourself some extra rosy cheeks and extra freckles. This video tutorial  shows you how to give yourself a dramatic eye. The final touch is bright lips and the classic seams of the mouth line.

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Oh deer!

I love this cute and simple deer makeup look that can give you the look of Bambi or the look of a Snapchat filter. Plus, it’s perfect to complete your look of a party animal. This tutorial by Daisy Marquez shows you how to contour to give you the ideal deer look. With a dramatic winged eyeliner, cute black button nose, and upper black lip, you can work the Bambi look all the way down. The finishing touch is these cute scattered dots across your face and neck. This look can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, and be the cutest woodland creature this Halloween has ever seen!

Difficulty: 2/5


No matter your makeup skills, these looks are simple enough for anyone to master. The best part is that they look so stunning and so professional, people will have a hard time believing you’re not an expert. Try these timeless and straightforward Halloween makeup looks, and let us see your handy work in the comments!

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